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Free Giveaway: Full Sized Glow-In-The-Dark Bob Head


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Well, it's been a while since I did a raffle, and today is as good as any, so here we are again!

Up for raffle is a full size 3d printed glow Bob Head that I printed about a year ago. I'm trying to clear out some space in my workshop, so this Bob has got to go. During the print, I had to switch filament (same brand and type) and the new roll was slightly different than the previous one (I believe they changed their filament at the time and, while not very noticeable, the top of the head is a different shade than the rest). It's just been sitting here ever since and waiting for a new home.

It will be completely free to the winner. I will even pay for shipping within the CONUS. Normally I would offer this up to anyone, but for this print I'm going to limit the raffle to CONUS only because shipping can get quite high for something this large

Pick a number and after all 25 slots are filled, I will raffle it off to the winning number. To be fair, you are only able to pick a number for yourself, so no vouching for another member. I have no issue if you tag them and they come here to claim a number though.

Any questions, feel free to PM me or you can just ask in this thread as well.

Thanks and good luck!

1. @naifs
2. @iamFLIP & @Chet Manley
3. @leestripes
4. @Broccoli
5. @mickeyblackeyes
6. @Barricade
7. @Alternative
8. @Oakley OCD
9. @Lars
10. @Juliemac07
11. @Oakman1992
13. @Pumpkin King
14. @Nisjuke16
15. @bugbeeuddon
16. @Timhyde74
17. @reggavegga
18. @Rick58
19. @sratt17
20. @Solomon_Denali
21. @Nortika
22. @TNRedbeard
23. @Litos
24. @Darzoy
25. @Skull0911




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