1. G

    Oakley Bullet Watch battery replacement

    My uncle was a professional triathlete who was sponsored by Oakley. He gifted this watch to my dad. My dad has since passed away and I would like to get this watch working. The watch is in super good shape making me believe that the battery is just dead. I am not mechanically inclined when it...
  2. U

    Sold  XS BIP Lenses

    XS BIP lenses Got these from a brand new XS Polished Carbon frame Mint condition! $90 shipped CONUS
  3. U

    Sold  Sutro Ti Satin Carbon Prizm Ruby

    Oakley Sutro Ti Carbon/Prizm Ruby up for sale. Basically brand new butttt with a small mark on lens. Sold
  4. Oskar.

    What oakley frames are real carbon?

    I see many pairs of oakleys with carbon fiber framed. Where you can get carbon flakes, glossy or matt carbon with threads. I would think frames like m frame, radar ev and such where carbon frames doesnt cost more are fake I have a pair of oakley m frame 1st gen in black rain(flaky carbon) i...
  5. U

    Sold  Juliet Carbon with outfield prizm lenses

    Juliet Carbon with outfield prizm lenses, Frame 10/10. Lenses are in great condition, but lenses has a very small gaps that's not noticeable. $425 F&F or 5% Free priority mail shipping to the US and US Territories. Fully insured.
  6. U

    Sold  NEW Carbon Juliet 04-149 PERFECT

    Selling a new, never worn Carbon Juliet 04-149 with Polarized Black Iridium lenses. Pictured with new red OEM Oakley T-shox for that Ducati look :cool-20:. NEW original OEM Oakley black T-shox and extra nose pads available as well as a Juliet coin. Black Oakley microfiber bag included...
  7. U

    Sold  X Squared - Polished Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized

    Selling pairs that I honestly just don't wear. These things might as well be brand new; think I worn them on one occasion and that is it. Everything is like the first time they came out of the box. Will come with everything shown. Looking for $600 shipped or I would trade for MUZM Eye...
  8. U

    Sold  XS Polished Carbon OO6011-06 w/ DWP lenses PRICE DROP

    XS Polished Carbon OO6011-06 8.5/10 tightness DWP lenses 9.5/10 Linegear White rubbers Linegear repair parts MF bag Message me if you want other info/pictures. I've been out of the scene for a while so I am not sure on pricing: $old PayPal Shipped CONUS
  9. U

    Sold  IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, is used, still in very good condition, The black left lens has a fine line that you cannot see when you wear them you can see it in the photo, the violets have signs of use but very little, they are...
  10. luizhetfield

    How do you grade this "set"?

    Hi, Oakley Nation! Have just brought this complete X Squared in Carbon finish to my collection. I would like to hear if you spot any flawed/suspicious detail on it. I am not an expert, but AFAIC everyhing seems in order regarding being a well kept official item. Thank you in advance!
  11. T

    Plasma work if

    Work I did this week, plasma treatment on an old carbon straight base violet lenses, purple erasers and sideblinder Follow the photos
  12. U

    Sold  Xsquared Carbon

    Xsquared Carbon Frame in good condition, some slight scratches and paint loss in some areas. the rubber is in good condition, some signs of wear. Soft case, box, coin included. box with signs of wear. the lenses are in excellent condition, no scratches 9/10 If you have any questions or need...
  13. U

    Sold  Ferrari Jupiter Carbon

    Sold Ferrari Jupiter Carbon Sunglasses
  14. U

    Sold  ultra Rare Oakley Half Jacket 1.0 carbon fiber black irid standard size lens $120

    Rare Oakley Half Jacket 1.0 carbon fiber w/ blk irid standard size lens $120 Plus shipping. Found these, they were bought for a group that went with a different colorway and I forgot to return them. they are brand new, in box as seen in pictures. PM is key to sort out details. thanks for...
  15. U

    Sold  New M Frame Heater Carbon Fiber / Black Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome MFame Carbon I had the brand new frame and the new rubbers and I put this lens of others like it that I have in the tower, the lens is used and has marks of use, even though it is included in the deal the price is for the new frame and the new rubbers I give...
  16. U

    Sold  Juliet ducati carbon w/ black iridium

    Hello Of for sale a used Juliet ducati carbon frame with black iridium lenses, in good condition le left lenses have scratchers I think still good for wear, the frame dont have scrachers still very good, the nose bridge strong like the first day, came with the ducati microbag , is 4gen. Frame...
  17. U

    Sold  X-Squared sale (cheap as hell)

    Have to clear some funds for an upcoming move so x metals have to go. Feel free to pm with questions or more detailed pictures. 1. X metal XX with OEM ruby lenses (used with markings), frame has marks but no serial number, rubbers are in good condition and nose bridge is tight. $365 SOLD...
  18. U

    For Sale  Carbon Black Juliets / Black Iridium Polarized w/ Coin

    Selling 5th (maybe 6th?) Gen Carbon BIP Juliets (SN#04-149 5521) Bought brand new. Original owner for almost 10 years These are shelf whores. Worn 5-6 times. For many, the holy grail of Juliets and Oakley Xmetal. Frame = 9.75/10 Nose = 9.75/10 Lens = 10/10 (Actually a 10) Rubber = 10/10...
  19. U

    Sold  Racing jacket

    Racing jackets for sale. Carbon Frame/Black Iridium Lenses. Only has the one lens and includes Matte black icons. Lens and frame are both 10/10. Asking $90 plus shipping.
  20. U

    Sold  IH Split Jacket Carbon W/ Grey / Violet Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, I used only 3 or 4 times with much love, still in very good condition, both lenses like new with out any defect or mark, came with the ballistic black case, IH bag and new extra nose rubbers. SKU...
  21. Logik

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada!

    Hey there fellow Oakley fans! Signing on from Vancouver, BC Canada! Long time Oakley XMetal collector and patriot. Last summer I had my SUV broken into outside my home and had 3 pairs of XMetal glasses stolen from inside, XS / XMetal / Ruby, XS / Carbon / Black and the Gen 1, Juliet / "old"...
  22. Maveryq13

    Cracked Carbon X-Metal Repair

    Bought a pair of Carbon X Squared second hand, and noticed a crack near the hinge after disassembling them for cleaning. Can't return them. Anyone have any recommendations for repair? Thanks
  23. Mike.vanderkoon

    Half X - Carbon or Xmetal frame?

    i would love to hear people’s opinions on which frame color they prefer for the xmetal half-x frame? I’m debating between waiting for x-metal color to pop up or buy a carbon frame color (which is available right now). I’ve alway been intrigued with carbon color but do not own one yet. Thanks!
  24. U

    Sold  XS Ducati Box and Coin

    X-Squared Ducati (OO6011-09) box and coin in good condition Includes box, collector's coin and paperworks X-Metal vault and Microfiber bag not included Asking $80 shipped CONUS
  25. U

    Sold  BNIB Carbon Prime Blk/Prizm Blk Polarized

    Howdy all! Up for sale today is a brand new Carbon Prime in black. Everything is perfect with the exception of slight wear on the box, as pictured. Any questions, please let me know! $330 shipped
  26. U

    Sold  Juliet - Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized - BNIB

    Got a friend looking to sell her BNIB Carbon with Black Iridium Polarized Juliet's. Looking for $475 shipped in the US. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  27. U

    Sold  Xsquared Carbon frame SKU: OO6011-08

    Hello Of for sale this awesome xs carbon frame the sku is for Carbon / OO Black Iridium Polarized, I just make new tune-up, came with nose pads, gasket and all the screws. SKU: OO6011-08 Frame 8,5/10 Nose bridge 10/10 Nose pads 10/10 Price $330 allin, Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
  28. U

    For Sale  C Six full carbon

    For sale, C Six full carbon # 53 and #54 Only selling one, so first one to go will be buyers choice. All complete with original inner pond outer box /w papers and original receipt. Willing to hand deliver. 10k obo
  29. U

    Sold  Romeo 2 carbon w/ black iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily I came this time with a Romeo 2 carbon w/ black iridium lenses, came with mf-bag only, the glasses have wear but It has very little use, all is in very good condition, the lenses are very good, perfect for wear every day, frame and rubbers are perfect too, came with bag only...
  30. U

    For Sale  Carbon Blade BIP

    BIP Carbon Blade, New was a shelf pair. Asking $175. No wear, no scratches.