chris a hardaway

  1. Kinger14

    Hello from Hoosier State

    Just introducing myself. King time Oakley fan. Hope to get some advice and new lenses here. Have a great day y’all
  2. AbraxasFire

    Juliets back from the ashes

    I've had them for some time as a two-toned finish, gun metal black nose bridge and stems, exposed metal orbitals, and I really wasn't happy with it. And I did try to enjoy them. Those lenses rattled tho. But I felt it was time for them to rise again from the ashes. From the hands of two...
  3. S

    Prescription Lenses

    I have some Juliets that are 15 years old, and I had them reworked by the X-man a few years ago. Seriously the were like new after that. Such a great service!!! When I got them 15 years ago I shipped them to SportsVisionBend to get lenses since my glasses have a prism, but now they don’t...
  4. Shilock

    Awesome Xman / Chris Hardaway Juliet Colab

    A big THANKS to @THE X-MAN and @Chris A Hardaway I don’t remember the last time i teared up. Maybe when Rudy finally got on the field or when Roy McAvoy holed out with his last ball (Tin Cup) or when the Mavericks won the NBA Championship. All I know is when opened my restored Juliets from...
  5. U

    Sold  XS Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses

    Cut by our very own OC, Chris A Hardaway, I'm selling these X-Metal X-Squared DWP cuts from Straightlink donors (8.75 curve). Excellent condition, with no scratches or signs of wear within view, but have been mounted. Once I removed these lenses from their frames, I did find some mounting marks...
  6. Oakley/MExperiment Sydney

    Copper Plated Juliet

    Thanks to RonkPM for his copper plating skills.
  7. L5072

    XX trashed to this

    Since @X-Metal Beast posted the before pics of my XX's with his post, have to post follow up pics as well. Here is the finished work compliments of @THE X-MAN. Lenses are custom cuts from @Chris A Hardaway. Large nose bombs thanks to @stevepc74
  8. Chris A Hardaway

    Sneak Peek into the Chop 'Em Shop...

    Chris A Hardaway Style... Representing the West Coast Cali. Video #1 for your viewing pleasure ;) Video #2 below! Video #3 (PENNY FANS? The glasses, not Penny Hardaway.) Photo #1 messing around with a stack.
  9. 2

    New RX Quarter Jackets - Thanks Chris Hardaway!

    I want to give a big THANK YOU to Chris Hardaway for helping me select a great pair of RX sunglasses! My eyes have always been pretty bad, but about two years ago my RX altered in such a way that I was no longer able to wear contact lenses. As a result, I wear eyeglasses everywhere - and my...
  10. U

    Deal  XX cuts

    For feedback purposes. 7 set of lenses cut for XX. Great result, reasonable pricing & super fast turnaround. Great dealing with @Chris A Hardaway.
  11. TK7

    Chris H is the man

    Just got a few lenses cut by Chris for my PB1 and these Rubies have the best color I have seen yet. Awesome cut man, Thank You
  12. TK7

    My first CUSTOM!!

    Oakley-olic For the Idea Chris A Hardaway For the great cuts, BEAUTIFUL!! MSTech For the Awesome frames, Perfect! zwc0442 For the Polished work, Awesome! Thank you guys for being GREAT members of this forum!!!