1. U

    Deal  Oakley Crush 2.5 10-128 black, awesome Xmax present! :-)

    Very little use, makes an awesome Xmas present for the missus or a lucky kid! Minimal / maximal wrist circumference: ~4.7 / 6.5” or 12 / 16.5 cm Glass %100 free from scratches, 10/10 Minimal marks on the steel, 9.5/10 Bracelet intact, including the keeper. Minimal wear marks, 9.5/10 New...
  2. hockeyguy

    A new addition: Oakley Bunker Christmas Ornament

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to throw this up in a post, wasn’t sure if anyone had seen these or not yet. I’ve looked around and couldn’t find a post on anything for them. Bunker Christmas ornament with a cool velvet pouch, I know some of you guys have a thing for packaging :D. Just figured I’d...
  3. W


    Hi guys, we are offering a 30% off discount on 30% off for everyone. Come and take a look!
  4. Mamabear

    Want to buy Oakley for hubby for Xmas-need advice

    Hello, I want to gift my husband with a pair of Oakleys, and need help deciding. Specifically, I am wanting to pick the right model given that he plays basketball indoor & outdoor, as well as Ultimate outdoors, mostly day time, but sometimes with artificial light at night. They would double as...
  5. U


    In the spirit of the holidays, and seeing the success of the Christmas giveaways by @LinusOBerlin @Fernando & @OakleyTrader15 , I figured that I would join the party with an item that seems to be highly sought after, specially for most of you display shelf whores. My giveaway is a Brand New...
  6. kronin323

    Funny Christmas stories

    With the holidays upon us, I thought it might be amusing if we shared some stories about funny x-mas things that have happened to us in the past. It can be related to a party, gift swap, shopping experience, whatever. I'll start... Remember the "shake weight", that exercise tool that looks...
  7. W


    Hey guys, It's that time of year again!!!! To celebrate Christmas with all of you, we will host a Giveaway starting on this moment and ending on Jan 5, 2016. If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, you need to share photo of any Walleva product on Facebook, Twitter...
  8. V2oak

    What did you get for christmas?

    My better half bought me this for christmas, actually she asked me what I want and i gave her my wish list of oakleys i want, and she got me the mag switch pearl, brand new.....Thanks to my wife. Nothing beats a brand new vintage oaks
  9. FrogTastic

    Christmas Frogskins?

    I know it's only October, but who is giving Frogs for Christmas and hopefully getting afew.