1. Gyugyu

    Buying instruments of time box

    Looking for an 'Instruments of Time' wooden box, complete with coin. Please message me if you have one for sale, or you see one. Thanks for the help!
  2. Matt Flacche

    What coin came with Romeo 2? This is not a "Who's buried in Grant's tomb" question...

    I just bought a pair of R2, and the box appears to be marked appropriately, but the coin is a large Romeo coin from 1998. I thought the Romeo 2 came with a Romeo 2 coin... but this box was clearly made for a larger coin, not the smaller R2 coin I've seen on the Internet. Can anyone shed light...
  3. Kasch.0

    Sold X-Metal Coins

    I have a few X-Metal coins I’m looking to move. All prices include standard shipping. 1997 Romeo - $35 1999 XX - $35 1999 Juliet - $20 2001 Penny Mad Science - $70 CONUS only. PayPal G&S or Venmo if preferred
  4. Gunn

    For Sale Keychain SI Coin

    Not sure if someone want this... SI Coin with drilled hole and a welded ring (without keys of course) for sale. 😄 Got this, as it is, back in the days for a military coin check challenge. But I just put it on a keyring for this photo. I didn't used it daily, just to keep the coin cool...
  5. SolarOracle

    Sold XS Polished Box and Coin

    X-Squared Polished VR28 (006011-05) box and coin in good condition. Includes 3 pieces box, collector’s coin and extra nose pieces. X-Metal Vault not included, no paperworks $OLD Shipped CONUS
  6. F

    For Sale Infinite Hero Bundle - Custom Batwolf, Carbon Fuel Cell, Coin, Etc.

    Up for sale is what I believe to be an Infinite Hero collector's must-have bundle. I would like to sell the whole lot together and am not looking for any trades. I'm asking $500 for all items listed below and am firm on my price at this time. Album First up, we've got the prized possession of...
  7. dh4645

    For Sale LNIB X Squared XS Plasma Complete Box Coin Case

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY X-SQUARED Frame: Plasma Lens: Fire Iridium Polarized SKU: OO6011-04 Rating: 9.5/10 Description: LNIB Price: $old
  8. Tejada

    Sold 11 Juliet Boxes and Coins.

    11 Juliet Boxes and Coins Price $ 45 free shipping to usa. pay by Paypal. .
  9. Tejada

    Sold Kevlar Organizer, x metal vault, coin half x, case, display custom.

    oakley organizer kevlar $80 SOLD X-Metal large metal vault $130 SOLD Half-X Coin $120 Square O Case – Science Graphic 07-584. $70 Large metal vault $25 Triangular display stand polished (custom) $270 SOLD Triangular display stand (custom) $250 SOLD (the last photo was taken from the internet...
  10. Gyugyu

    Buying Kevlar wallet

    Looking for a large size carbon fiber/kevlar wallet, preferably in the black/grey colourway (in the mid).
  11. Tejada

    Sold Lot Juliet beaters

    Lot juliet beaters. Serials: JG 004302 JE 022949A JI 019564 Some bring their tires in good condition. 5 juliet, 3 coins, 5 adjustment pleasers. (lenses in poor condition 2/10.) Price $ 950 Shipping free by DHL Pay by Paypal
  12. Migs the Scientist

    Sold Xmetal accessories

    Penny lenses 2 sets both OEM BI have some light scratches(wearable) Fire iridium custom cut are like new! both sets for $SOLD OEM ichiro green rubber set for Juliet like new! 25 temple shocks $SOLD! Oakley Dog Tag unserialized $SOLD Oakley 5 coins gold SOLD! silver SOLD! Assorted Oakley pins...
  13. SolarOracle

    Sold Infinite Hero Soft Case + Infinite Hero Coin

    Selling these 2 items in new condition - Infinite Hero Ballistic Case / Fits Juliet or Penny (30$) - Infinite Hero Coin (45$) Each sold separately or selling these 2 items as a combo for 60$ PP G&S CONUS
  14. Lupetto

    Found Found

  15. Gunn

    For Sale Juliet Plasma w/ Ice Iridium, full set, boxed, complete 375$ shipped

    I'm selling a Juliet Plasma with Ice Iridium lenses. The frame has a factory thight nosebridge, new rubbers and a JI1*****A serial number. The Ice lenses have several marks from usage. Nothing too bad, clear vision, but they are not new. With the pair comes the cleaning bag, the papers...
  16. Bruce82hki

    Found looking for oakley xx metal coin 2.0

    hi I am trying to find this coin and maybe even willing to buy it is it how expensive/ rare? would go nicely with my 3 x metals glasses collection is there any ideal stand or display for thees new 2.0 coins? or just plastic capsules? new one not the old xx coin thanks
  17. xmetal40

    Sold Carbon Juliet Box/coin -- now $55

    CONUS please. Model: 04-149 $55 Box proves to be in great shape. Foam, in particular, phenomenal! Moderate discoloration on front of box. Otherwise, very little to complain about.
  18. karimo

    For Sale Juliet coin

    Juliet coin $50 shipped
  19. Rotorhead

    For Sale BOX AND COIN for XS Carbon/bi

    For Sale is a Near Mint box and coin set for the X-Squared, Carbon and Black Iridium lens. Price is $60 delivered in US. Thanks for looking!
  20. Oakleynerd

    Buying OAKLEY COINS PLEASE . . .

    hello community, i'm looking for the Oakley Coins . . . i borrowed some pics from our members
  21. The_Darkone

    SI Coin Abundance

    Where are all the new abundance of SI coins coming from? For a long time you couldn't find or even hear about the SI 453 Coin. Now in the last few weeks I have seen multiple on e-Bay and the forum.
  22. MoveZig

    For Sale Copper Penny/VR28

    Copper Penny (Serialized) w/ VR28 Lenses + Aftermarket Lenses + Coin - Found these in an old Oakley Vault case (One of the old metal ones!) when I was cleaning out my old room. - They have spent the last 5+ years in there. - I have some aftermarket silver mirror lenses that were on it. -...
  23. L5072

    Sold Juliet Box

  24. brain739

    Sold Oakley 5 Coin (SOLD!)

    It doesn't get a lot more rare than this; an Oakley 5 coin made exclusively for a retail managers' meeting. There definitely aren't a lot of these going around, but here's your chance. For $215 you get this beauty, along with the bragging rights that come with adding this piece to your...
  25. Rotorhead

    Found Boxes and coin for XS / x-metal frame / ruby iridium lens, ex. cond.

    I have the glasses and MF bag. Just need the boxes and coin for an X Squared w/ x-metal frame and ruby iridium lens. Would like near mint or above. Please PM. Thanks for looking!
  26. SUPR SAV

    Buying Coins - Gotta Catch'm All!

    Hey folks: I am looking for: 1/2X New Coin
  27. M

    Sold Half X Coin

    Only the coin
  28. SiRacer420

    One Icon Coin

    I searched and there is no dedicated thread to the Oakley One Icon Coin. There are a few mentions of it but not a lot. I bought one of the ones on eBay, yes the ones for $1000, no lol I did not pay $1000. Now I'm curious about it. I bought it because I've never seen one, never seen one for sale...
  29. The_Darkone

    Sold Mars and Half-X Coins (X-Metal Old Style)

    Selling the the coins pictured below. Asking ***Sold*** for each Mars coin and ****SOLD**** Half-X coin. These prices include CONUS shipping only. These coins have the normal factory scratches or imperfections.
  30. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Romeo 1 coin - GONE

    Excellent OEM condition as shown in picture. Price is $43 shipped ConUS