1. cacatman

    🦘What’s the Longest Time You’ve Waited to Acquire a Grail?

    What’s the longest time you’ve ever waited before being able to purchase your Grail? How long and what was it? @Steven Goldberg is still waiting after 7 years for his FMJ watch!!! It took me 4 years to find a Freeman Transport Jawbone.
  2. jkummes


    Posted this on the apparel/other collections thread but thought it might get to a few more eyes on this one. Can’t find this anywhere other than the one I have. Does anyone else have one?
  3. R

    Commemorative set from the 2007 Masters

    Does anyone have any information about this collectible? The kit seems to be missing one other lens. From 2007 Master's Edition release...each lens has "Masters '07" etched on lower left...see pics