concept studio

  1. R

    Concept Stuido?

    I understand there are 29 pairs within this series, each is unique, and various models and artists contribute to the collection, but is there a complete list that details the frame colours, lenses, sku numbers, and other relevant information? I have seen some listed on O Review, and some...
  2. teddy57

    Teddy57's Recent Purchases

    As a new member I really enjoyed Jono's thread in which he displayed his most recent pick-ups. Since I don't currently display my growing collection in a case, I figured I would share my collection this way! Feel free to chime in, I hope you'll enjoy seeing this as much I did Jono's...
  3. robjeff25

    Concept Studio Tie Dye Frogskins

    so it's been a little bit of a roller coaster, but I finally got my Concept Studios Tie Dye Frogskins; a little back story, I woke up early on the 1st and ordered these online. however, on the 2nd of December an update on the status of the order was stated that they were "cancelled." The dog...
  4. teddy57

    The Factory Pilot Frogs

    Hey All, I fully intended to wait until I could take some better pictures with natural light, etc but I just couldn't contain myself after receiving these tonight! I'm not the best photographer to begin with, but here they are courtesy of my iPhone...don't mind the background I had to find a...
  5. Uluahunter

    Oakley Concept Studio - Just saw these tonight!

    One off "Oakley Concept Studio" sunglasses at one of my local O stores, and only second day on the floor. Not for sale until Dec. 1st. Select stores around the country will get these, and they'll all be different (hence one offs). $700 each!!! Want, but not for that price! LOL
  6. Nyarlathotep

    Looked At The New Holiday Book

    There are a bunch of hand painted frames coming out with matching bags and cases. Kind of like the fallout decay pairs. Only certain stores are getting them and all are $700. There going to be a carbon fiber print holbrook with polarized lenses for $225. Carbon fiber d ring for $300. A history...