copper xmetals

  1. andr3

    Penny / Copper

    Admittedly, I found out these existed only recently. And I must say, they just look amazing! I am blown away. Can anybody tell me more about these, e.g. I guess it's a copper coating upon an x metal frame, right? I suppose pure copper would be too heavy (and if it wasn't an alloy, also too...
  2. U

    Sold Weekend special!! Copper Plated XX with Extras (Price drop!!)

    I'm selling my copper plated XX with maritime prizm lenses and green ichiro earsocks and temple shocks. This pair is in mint condition got them back from RonkPM not too long ago and have wore them maybe 3-4 times that's it. The lenses are beautiful and the rubbers are 10/10, RonkPM tuned them...
  3. U

    Sold Copper plated XX with prizm tungsten lenses

    I recently had 2 XX frames copper plated and have decided I will be fine with just one so one is up FS! I just recently got it from RonkPM and he did a beautiful job on it!! It has new rubbers and a mint set of prizm tungsten lenses in them, it will come with frame, lenses and MF bag. Looking...
  4. erap

    copper xmetals-show me the patina

    the only oem i know is the copper penny. others are copper plated juliets, xx or romeo. curious to see the discoloration or "patina" on the copper oem finish or copper plated xmetals. how long did it take to have the discoloration? i used to have copper watches which developed greenish hue...