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    Sold XX lenses - DWP

    Up for grabs is a set of XX Prizm Deep Water Polarized (DWP) lenses that were custom cut by the folks at Linegear. Purchased not long ago from Mr. S Wayne. Mounted once, worn twice, and deciding to move on from this set. Excellent condition, but have been mounted. No signs of wear. Cut from 8...
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    Sold XS Polished Carbon OO6011-06 w/ DWP lenses PRICE DROP

    XS Polished Carbon OO6011-06 8.5/10 tightness DWP lenses 9.5/10 Linegear White rubbers Linegear repair parts MF bag Message me if you want other info/pictures. I've been out of the scene for a while so I am not sure on pricing: $old PayPal Shipped CONUS
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    Sold BNIB Wire Tap 2.0, Sayin Lead Frame / Prizm Deep Water Polarized 004145-06

    BNIB WIRE TAP 2.0, SATIN LEAD FRAME / PRIZM DEEP WATER POLARIZED 004145-06 Brand new, never worn, never displayed, Authentic Oakley Wire Tap 2.0, Satin Lead frame / Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses, sku 004145-06 Included: Oakley Wire Tap 2.0, Satin Lead frame / Prizm Deep Water Polarized...
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    Radar Ev Lens Advice

    I am planning on picking up a pair of Radar Ev's and a spare lens and am trying to cover most of my bases of what I plan on doing with them. What I plan on doing with them is everyday wear and driving, but also for cycling/mtb-ing/running At this point, I'm pretty decided on picking up a Prizm...
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    Sold More x metals

    1. polished Juliet (serialized) with green LG rubbers and custom cut emerald lenses(Not worn). $320 SOLD!!! 2. Polished penny with DWP custom cuts (not worn). $315 SOLD!!!! Take both for a discount. Free shipping with tracking with the US. PM with any questions.
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    Sold XS DWP lenses

    Prizm Deep Water Polarized (DWP) lenses Cut by Chris A Hardaway from Straightlink donors for an X-Squared carbon frame (not warranty). Mounted and worn only a hand full of times. Ended up with a spare set and don't need both. Asking $80 OBO shipped CONUS Pic almost looks Sapphire, but it was...
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    Sold Steel Flaks 2.0 XL

    Flak 2.0 Xl steel with Deep water P lenses and Prizm daily P lenses, and soft vault. Great condition, hardly ever warn 120$
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    Sold Romeo 1 X Metal Complete w/ Extras

    Selling complete set Romeo 1 X Metal w/Black Iridium lenses. My very first purchase here on the forum from a great OF brother. Sadly I must part with them so another member can enjoy. Included in the deal are the Romeo’s mounted with Ruby Iridium lenses straight from the Cutman Chris A...
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    Sold Triggerman Prizm Deep Water Polarized

    Picked this Triggerman up to try to give the frame a shot for a few days, but are just not for me. To clarify, the stock Sapphire lenses were removed in favor of Prizm Deep Water Polarized. Polished Black Frames are 9/10, no signs of wear. DWP Lenses are 7/10. There are several minor scratches...
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    Sold XS Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses

    Cut by our very own OC, Chris A Hardaway, I'm selling these X-Metal X-Squared DWP cuts from Straightlink donors (8.75 curve). Excellent condition, with no scratches or signs of wear within view, but have been mounted. Once I removed these lenses from their frames, I did find some mounting marks...
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    Sold Deep Water Prizm Polarized DWP lenses for X-Squared

    With great sadness, I must let these beauties go... Up for grabs are a relatively new set of Deep Water Prizm Polarized (DWP) lenses cut by the Optical Champ, Chris Hardaway, himself. Very minor signs of use, if any at all. Not even mounting marks, by my eye. I'd give them 8.8/10 only because...
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    Carbon Shift DWP

    Made a great deal with @Fresh for these Carbon Shift with custom cut DWP lenses by @Chris A Hardaway. Thanks a lot @Fresh for the very friendly and helpful interaction we had on my first deal on the forum :) Thanks Chris for the lenses that i wanted in a frame that i love ;) (I'll contact you...
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    All of the below lenses are Brand New in Box, with original pouches, and oakley pamphlets. These are all guaranteed to fit 8.75 base curve. Optics and lenses are perfect in every way! These are also listed on ebay under seller chrisahardaway as well. Buy here at a discount, and PM me questions...