factory pilot

  1. KJFuerst

    Does anybody know what these gloves are and when they’re from because I don’t and won them

    So I gave somebody a lowball offer of 25 bucks for these red leather Oakley gloves probably went lower. I think I could still go lower maybe but I can’t find any info on them. I don’t know he says their factory pilot gloves but I know they’re not. I think they look like maybe pilot, core gloves...
  2. U

    For Sale  Oakley Factory Pilot Belt

    Selling my unused Oakley Factory Pilot Belt. They’re both 46” from tip to end. Material-Nylon Belt – Cut to size Features-Metal buckle with bottle opener on back Both for US$60 + shipping (PP thru F&F)
  3. GustavsonMex

    Can you please ID this Oakley Bag?

    Hello, Can you please ID the model of this Oakley Bag? The Strap Have a Factory Pilot logo and a Medusa guy but beyond that.. I dont know If is it a Factory pilot I know is old because was imported to Mexico when oakley was here Please look at the pics ah express your opinion may be you know...
  4. H

    Replacement Eyeshade Arms

    Looking for a pair of replacement Eyeshade arms (preferably vintage) - can anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. D

    Oakley Factory Pilot

    Hello everyone, I'm just getting started with my collection and have some general questions. I just ordered a pair of original eye shades and was also looking at the heritage edition ones and saw that some said Factory Pilot. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Factory Pilot means? I...
  6. J

    John from Berlin

    Hey all, Joined the forum as I'm on the hunt for a pair of eyeshades original or heritage. I'm an Irish guy living in Berlin. I recently got into road cycling and I quite like the Greg Lemond style to go with my steel framed Pinarello. They are also a pretty landmark pair of glasses in terms of...
  7. mopiko

    New Factory Pilot Keychain~?

    new? old? Backordered on o.com? Oakley Factory Pilot Keychain | Official Oakley Store what say u? anyone getting one
  8. teddy57

    The Factory Pilot Frogs

    Hey All, I fully intended to wait until I could take some better pictures with natural light, etc but I just couldn't contain myself after receiving these tonight! I'm not the best photographer to begin with, but here they are courtesy of my iPhone...don't mind the background I had to find a...