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    Sold  Fives 1.0 White Tiger / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale this gorgeous in perfect condition , the old school Fives White Tiger /with Black Iridium lenses, The lenses are in a stationary state, they have a couple of very small marks that are barely visible, they are like new, the painting of the frame is perfect as the first day...
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    Sold  Fives Algae w/ Emerald Iridium

    Hello Of for sale this fives algae with emerald Iridium lenses have been used only a couple of times, the rest of the time has been exposed in the showcase, is in an excellent state, out scratchers, came with mf-bag, box (box is for algae with gold) and papers. SKU: 03-120 Condition: used...
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    For Sale  x2 Fives 1.0

    Hello Of for sale this used Fives 1.0 perfect for customs, the lenses see better days, I can send them directly to the artist that you indicate. Fives Persimmon w/ Persimmon Lenses 4/10 many marks Frame 8/10 Price $65 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with...
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    Sold  Lot 14 frames. Fives, fives squared, fives 2.0, Fives 3.0

    Lot 14 frames. Fives, fives squared, fives 2.0, Fives 3.0 14 frames in good condition. some have small scratches. lot price $ 238 sent to usa. Pay by Paypal
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    Buying  Searching for a couple Artist Series Pairs and some 2009 Holiday stuff.

    Well... for those of you that remember me.... I'm Back! Trying to get back into the game. Going for a second complete Artist series (Minus the Petterson Frogs for the second set, for now!). Also, a second 2009 Holiday Oil Rig set w/banner. Need to track down these Artist Series sets: Naomi...
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    Sold  Ducati Five 3.0 matte black w/ black iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale another Ducati that we had in the store in the display for people to try, has some marks of being out and putting it in the showcase, but they are in very good condition, have some signs the lenses but I have tried and it looks good, nothing that bothers, came complete...
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    Buying  Looking for Oakley 5 and XX Coins

    Hi Everyone... Looking to complete my Oakley Coin collection with the new "2nd gen" XX and "5" coins (either the roman numerals or 5 qualities version). Looking for them to be in mint or very close to mint condition. Please PM me your offers... Cheers!
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    For Sale  Five persimmon $20 OFF

    Five persimmon Lens 10/10 Frame 10/10 No box or pouch bag. Hidden for almost 10 years in a storage from an old closed O store. BEFORE: $150 // NOW $130 shipped
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    Sold  2 BNIB Five 10w40 w/ black Iridium SKU: 03-139 & Algae w/ gold iridium SKU: 03-132 #SOLD

    Hi all other set for sale, this time BNIB Five 10w40 w/ black Iridium SKU: 03-139 & Algae w/ gold iridium SKU: 03-132 new never used and complete with all, I can't say nothing more :) BNIB Five 10w40 w/ black Iridium SKU: 03-139 #SOLD Bnib five Algae w/ gold iridium SKU: 03-132 #SOLD...
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    Five Squared replacement lenses - Asian fit vs Regular lenses?

    I have the Fives Squared and want to get some extra lenses for other activities (fishing, shooting, etc). I was looking on both the Oakley site and Oakley Vault site and the descriptions for both the Fives Squared and Fives Squared (Asian fit) replacement lenses says "Lenses fit Fives Squared...