fives squared

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    For Sale  Fives Squared Matte White Tiger / Warm Grey

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome Five Square mate white tiger with warm grey lenses in like new condition, comes with bag only. SKU: 03-444 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Price: $80 for the glasses + $30 for the fees and shipping. $110 allin in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking number and...
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    For Sale  Moving sale!

    Starting to pack stuff up so have a bunch of randoms that I'm parting with so I thought i would condense some listings. Prices include shipping to CONUS. Let me know if you have questions. 2)Warden Silver with Grey 05-941=SOLD -Glasses are in great shape. Frame and rubbers are like new. Lens do...
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    For Sale  Multiple pairs

    Hey guys. I'm looking to sell the all the items below. All items include shipping to CONUS. 1) Fives Squared Polished black w/Grey-SOLD -Lens are brand new with no marks or scratches. Frame does have tiny marks in some spots, but overall in great condition. -Comes with microfiber and small soft...
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    Found  Fives Squared Woodgrain w/Prizm Daily OO9238-19

    As the title says, looking for a pair of Fives Squared Woodgrain. Anyone have one they're looking to unload for a decent price?
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    Sold  15 GLASSES. Fives 3.0 Ducati, Ferrari Carbon Blade, Conductor 8 Carbon, Warden,Offshoot. +

    In general the frames are in very good condition, some lenses have small scratches, each one comes with what you see in the photos. If you require more detailed information and photos, please send me a message. Warden Brown Tortoise (Trigger) Lens gold clear 9/10 SKU 05-892 $80 SOLD Fives...
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    Found  Fives Squared (4+1)^2 frames

    Hey all, looking for a Fives Squared (4+1)^2 frames [newer model OO9238-xx] that has the rubber nose pieces. Lenses NOT required since I already have them in hand. Condition: - matte black, near new condition, no signs of wear, nose piece in great shape OR - any color decent beater pair, no...
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    For Sale  Conductor 6's, Fives Sq, Jade Flack 2.0 lenses - New Price Drops

    Hello All, I have a pairs of glasses that are up for sale and possibly trade: 1) Straight Jackets - Positive red iridium lenses polished black frames. Like new - no box -traded 2) Conductor 6 - Black iridium polarized lead frames. Like new in box only worn 2 or 3 times - $115 3) Conductor 6...
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    For Sale  PRICE EDITED: Ducati x3 (inmate, Holbrook, Fives)

    Fives Squared Ducati Frame and lenses 10/10 New, no box. Was $230 shipped, now $180 Holbrook Nicky Hayden signature series Frame 10/10 Lenses 9/10 (light cleaning lines) Complete in box Was $230 shipped, now SOLD! Inmate Ducati New in box Frame and lenses 10/10 Was $330 shipped, now 300...
  9. BHarry

    99 cents... I'll take it

    I don't normally share many O-matter purchases especially if it is a Fives Squared, however I figured this one was unique. I bought a pair off the Bay for 99 cents shipped :twitch: They are a polished black with BIP Fives Squared in pretty nice condition. But sh*t, it was 99 cents! I was...
  10. M

    Five Squared replacement lenses - Asian fit vs Regular lenses?

    I have the Fives Squared and want to get some extra lenses for other activities (fishing, shooting, etc). I was looking on both the Oakley site and Oakley Vault site and the descriptions for both the Fives Squared and Fives Squared (Asian fit) replacement lenses says "Lenses fit Fives Squared...
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    Deal  Oakley sideways Devil's Brigade trade

    Up for sale is a frame only no lenses! Oakley Sideways white and red! I got these on a trade deal and I don't care for the fit and neither did my girlfriend, I will sell for 40 bucks shipped CONUS, trades considered just tell me what you have, looking for a pair of 1/4 jackets and a pair of xs...
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    For Sale  Oakley Five Squared Sunglasses For Sale

    Hey guys, I have a pair of Oakley Five Squared Sunglasses for sale. Polished black in color. Comes with carrying case as well! They are in very good condition. They have been slightly used. Message me if interested. I am selling them for $55. They sell on Oakley's website for $90.
  13. TB9788

    Grey Smoke Fives Squared Pictures?

    Curious if anyone on here has a picture of a grey smoke fives squared with an ice iridium lens? I did a few Google searches and obviously have looked at the render on Oakley's website but haven't found a good firsthand picture..