1. Bonnarooking

    Hello Oakley Forum :)

    Here’s a few of my favorites lined up for a photo :)
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    Sold  Valve 1.0 FMJ Platinum - FMJ+ / Gold Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this Valve 1.0 FMJ Platinum - FMJ+ / Gold Iridium in new condition with out box, come with bad only and don’t have defects. SKU: 03-876 10/10 Price: $130 ( $30 for the International Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included in the price ). Good day.
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    Sold  Overthetop FMJ+ / Fire Iridium

    Hello OF It is used, the lenses have marks and it has a part that is wrong as the photos look, it does not bother me, but it would be necessary to change them, the frame has some marks but it is very little, it is very good, it comes with its cloth cover and the inner pads SKU: 04-060 Lenses...
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    Sold  RJ1 FMJ Platinum / Gold Iridium 03-153 LNIB

    Unworn! Frame: 9.5/10. Small blemish on top left orbital lenses: 10/10. Can't find a mark anywhere Nose pads and earsocks: 10/10 Box: 7/10: some scuffs and extra paper sticker Comes with papers and MF bag. USA: $235 + $28 tracked shipping EU / UK: €190 + €13 tracked shipping See my other...
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    Found  FMJ OTT

    Looking for FMJ Over The Top with fire lens a pair in good condition is desired. box or no box is fine
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    For Sale  Minute FMJ

    Selling my sweet minute FMJ. Not new, but it is in really good shape. $200 shipped worldwide.
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    For Sale  Topcoat full metal FMJ Copper / Black Iridium

    Hello Of for sale a full metal Topcoat FMJ Copper / Black Iridium very little use, they are very good, the frame has some defects in the paint for some parts, it is still in very good condition, the lenses have some cleaning mark but it is very good, it comes complete with the box, papers and...
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    Sold  Scar FMJ+ / G30 Iridium

    Hello Ofamily for sale this awesome and new with out box Scar FMJ+ / G30 Iridium, is perfect don’t have any defect I rated in 9,9 but all is 10/10, you release them, came with grey bag. SKU: 04-556 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price $180 allin Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping...
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    Buying  Eye Jacket 2.0

    Looking for eye jacket 2.0. Specially after fmj+ or metallic black but any colour combination will work.
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    Deal  PLATE SALE. Plus miscellaneous

    Pm me for any additional info. I have a couple of Plates and a couple miscellaneous things that I’m letting go. All come with standard MF bag. No box or coins. All frames have original OEM lenses. No holds, first one who pays gets it. Free shipping CONUS Internation shipping additional...
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    Buying  Eye Jacket 2.0 FMJ

    Looking for eye jacket 2.0 fmj. If anyone has for sell, please send me a message. Thank you.
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    Sold  The Top / OTT Silver FMJ 5.56 /

    for sale.Oakley Over The Top / OTT Silver FMJ 5.56 / / new never used. papers, microbag, box. as shown in the photos. Price 420$ free shipping DHL PayPal payment
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    For Sale  FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Watch 4X6 Pop Card Display

    Got 2 sets of these I'm looking to sell. You'll get both cards shown below. Please let me know if you have any questions. $23 shipped.
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    Sold  Bnib splice crystal black / FMj+ w/ ice lenses "full metal"

    hello Hermanos :) For sale new in box splice full metal crystal black/ fmj with ice lenses, is new and complete, papers, bag, box included. Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Price: $300 allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, fees and shipping with tracking and total insurance included. Thanks for look.
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    Sold  Shaun White 24K FMJ Holbrooks $425 BNIB

    Hey, selling these as I'll never wear/display them. They are BNIB. Looking for $425 including shipping OBO. Thanks, PM me if you want more pictures.
  16. U

    Traded  Traded

    Hey all, selling the last bit of the pairs I'll never wear. All are new without box unless stated. +$10 for shipping and all prices are OBO. I have a few random boxes and will ship them with whichever pairs don't have a box, first come. PM me for more pictures if needed. 1) Tincan Gold/Warm...
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    Sold  Holbrook Goldbrook 10% off

    I love this pair but the collection is growing too much too fast, so I'm letting it go. Frame is 9/10 (it looks perfect to me, but there are some minor, super light lines on the arms, almost impossible to see) Lenses 10/10 Never used, only for display. No box. Before: $450 // NOW 10% off: $405...
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    For Sale  Eye Jackets...El. Mustard & complete FMJ 5.56.

    Hi guys, Got some amazing Eye Jackets for sale - prices are PayPal G&S - including CONUS shipping - inquire about international shipping - multiple discount option ;) More photos available by request - didn't want to clock the thread.. Eye Jacket FMJ 5.56/BI Up for sale is a gen 1, FMJ 5.56/BI...
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    Trading  New Straight Jacket FMJ Red/BI #04-268 LNOB

    Hi guys, Got this beauty up for trade - looking for Electric Blue XX, FMJ Red XX, Gunmetal XX or any Collegiate pairs.. Thx
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    Deal  XX old Twenty (PRICE DROP)

    I bought this lot from an avid Oakley Collector. He had lots of Oakley rare collectibles. Most Came from Oakley in California but some from Europe and Holland.Unfortunately, he got layed off and spouse got sick so he sold most of his collection of X-Metals and others. I was able to acquire these...
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    Traded  XX TWENTIES

    I bought this lot from an avid Oakley Collector. He had lots of Oakley rare collectibles. Most Came from Oakley in California but some from Europe and Holland.Unfortunately, he got layed off and spouse got sick so he sold most of his collection of X-Metals and others. I was able to acquire these...
  22. U

    For Sale  Cleaning House sale including FMJ Sport Frames

    I am currently doing some house cleaning and came across some sunglasses pairs that I no longer wear so I would like to put them up for sale! Everything pictured and listed comes with a hard case (sport vault) and a microfiber bag. Will consider other offers as well! Troy Lee Eyepatch 2 w/...
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    Traded  wanting to trade some watches/eyewear for a couple elusive Holbrooks

    Disregard this
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    Sold  Vintage set ... Oo's Ej... And more #SOLD

    Hi all i need more space in The room soo put For sale other vintage set: Eye Jacket 1.0 FMJ 5.56 complete frame only. 10/10 New used Eye lenses +red Iridium 7/10 with marks of use but does not affect vision Mint Minute 1.0 violet w/ Black Iridium 9/10 with Any mark of use but does not affect...
  25. U

    Sold  Bn New Eye Jacket FMJ 45mm frame complete only, $100 #SOLD

    hi All For sale This brad New frame only of New Eye Jacket FMJ 45 mm i can't say nothing more, came with The original plástic from Oakley. Price #SOLD 100 g&s paypal shipping included. Thanks For look.
  26. U

    For Sale  BN Minute 1.0 ( 2 Gen ) Fmj 5.56 frame $100

    For sale this awasome brad New Minute FMJ 5.56 - 2 Gen frame, with the original plastic factory unopened. Price 100 Allin payment in paypal g&s shipping with tracking and insurance. Thanks for look.
  27. U

    Sold  BNOB Eye jacket Black w/ vr28 & Fuel w/ Gold Iridium & Fmj 7.62mm w/ Gold Iridium #SOLD

    Hi all, For sale other 3 New never user Eye jacket's, this time: Black w/ vr28 #SOLD Fuel w/ gold Iridium #SOLD FMJ 7.62mm w/ gold Iridium #SOLD Rubbers 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Dont have box only bag. Price 130 each g&s, shipped included with tracking number and...
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    Buying  Oakley FULL METAL JACKET - FMJ

    Looking for 1 of the 100 of these O-mazing watches that was made wayyyy back in 2011. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me. I am definitely interested if its in like new condition and comes complete with all original tags, packaging, etc.
  29. oakleyninja007

    Picked up some new glasses!

    I bought one jawbreaker this week and liked it so much I had to get more! I was also able to purchase the fmj goldbrook and some uranium.