1. U

    For Sale zcrxsi's 3D Printed OEM Style X-Metal Stands

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed OEM style X-Metal stands (printed to order). Unlike others I have seen, I have designed these to use a 3D printed threaded bolt to connect the parts together. They are very sturdy and have no problem holding X Metals. Single - $8 Double - $12 Triple - $16...
  2. I

    Identifying Oakley Model

    Hi Everyone, I'm here because I would find the model of the oakley Sunglasses who uses the type of glasses in photo. I already tried to looking for in internet or asking to someone in my country , but I didn't find it. Thank you for your attention!
  3. S

    Replacement Oakley Prescription Lenses?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, but have been reading things on this site for a while. I'm a big Oakley fan, owning about 40 pair of sunglasses. All regular non-prescription sunglasses. I recently had an eye exam and got an updated prescription and thought, why not use a pair of Oakley...
  4. U

    Sold LNIB C - Six alum. / Conus / #1066 / 2k - OBO

    OBO. After a few requests for better pictures, decided to redo post. (and showing all the items) Forgot about the CD. Also.. complete pack. Only on display. Comes with shipping and insurance. again, CONUS only. Other thread locked.
  5. 2

    What were your first pair of Oakleys?????

    For me......they were the polished black Gascan w/ black iridium lens. I can't remember the year but it was when Gascan's hit the market and were a HUGE hit. Share your first pair!!!
  6. The_Darkone

    It Finally Happened.... Oakleys being sold in a Gas Station

    yep, it's true I saw them last night. Can you find them? Here, I'll get a little closer for you Yep, here it is in all its glory Maybe Santa dropped them off for the night while on his way down from the North Pole and was picking them back up at the end of the night on the way home. I...
  7. jkummes

    Holbrook XL

    First Post but been a member for quite a while and love seeing everything on here! Has anyone heard about the Holbrook Extra Large? I can provide pictures but I didn't even hear about an extra large drop for them. Must have been something they wanted to drop quietly. A little big for me but...
  8. U

    For Sale Crosslink Pro, Ballista, and Why 8 Rx.

    Hey guys, Price is USD and includes shipping to CONUS. Crosslink Pro: $75.00 (Eye size 53.) (LNIB.) Brushed Aluminum w/ Grey Smoke temples. Ballista Titanium: SOLD Why 8 w/ My old Rx Gold Iridium Transitions: SOLD First come with payment gets the item. Thanks guys!
  9. U

    Deal Prescription Frame and Lens deal

    Recently needed a new set of glasses (RX) and saw some on our board. Went to a local Optometrist and they happened to have a Voltage Ferrari frames. Tried it on and GF said they looked good on me. One of our local lens cutters (@Chris A Hardaway ) was also a eye doctor so i thought i would ask...
  10. U

    For Sale ** SPF ** Romeo 1. X-Metal - 525.00 Choice of lens - Conus

    Hello there and thanks for looking. CONUS!!!! Not looking to trade. Assumed i could just turn these around to cover the other project pair. Originally was going to take this pair and get them coated Satin Black but found a better R1 that was a better candidate for the "procedure". These...