gmt blue dial

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    Busted gmt pin

    So the pin in my gmt busted and is lost. It Is the pin that connects the band to the actual time piece. I was wondering if any one knew what size it is and also where I could maybe find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Sold  Oakley GMT Blue Dial - with wooden box

    Hi all, This beautiful GMT Blue Dial is in very good condition is for sale. Been display since purchase because it is kinda heavy on my hand. GMT battery was replaced at official store. They said it will last 24 months. No major defect, only one tip of rivet drop off (circle in pict.) but the...
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    Found  O watch Blade II

    Recently acquired a Crush 2.0 and it is really comfortable. Thus looking to buy an Oakley Watch Blade II like pict. (from internet) with rubber band. I am looking for complete set but will open to other option. Thank you.
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    Sold  GMT Stealth Black 350$

    GMT Stealth Black It is working normally. The glass surface looks with the naked eye and there is no scratch. GMT function, alarm function, date function, etc., it operates normally. Accessory: It included a new Oakley watch soft vault. Attention: 17.5 cm wrist circumference. 430$ 410$ 390$...
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    For Sale  Oakley Watch Collection (Set of 5) $2500.00

    I am selling my collection of Oakley timepieces I have collected over the past 10 years. Included are: • Oakley GMT (Honed/Blue) purchased July 2006 • Oakley Timebomb (Stealth)purchased Summer 2008 • Oakley Blade 2 (Stealth) Purchased Fall 2010 • Oakley 12 Guage (Stealth) Purchased...