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    For Sale Juliet IH W/Matte lenses

    Selling my Juliet Infinite Hero. -Frame IH with SKU, tight. -Lenses Linegear Matte. New. -Rubbers grey (can't remember the brand) Amazing look! Asking $760 shipped (No box or coin)
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    For Sale Juliet Infinite hero

    Selling this beautiful Juliet Infinite hero. The frame is OEM infinite hero with SKU. The frame is tight like the first day. I got it years ago on ebay, but it came without box and wrong color lenses. -Rubbers and lenses by Linegear Japan. (All new) -The coin is the non colored infinite hero...
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    For Sale Infinity Hero Case + Bag + Metal Coin

    Hello OFamily for sale this IH pack with case, microbag and metal coin, all is new. Price 150 allin or best offer ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included to all )
  4. crazywayne311

    Yep, I got a problem. Too many plaintiffs!

    Sooo I bought a pair of the Brown Chrome Plaintiff Squared and immediately fell in love with the frame. Great coverage, lightweight, and honestly it fit and felt great. So then I started looking and well, as sinister strange says, “things just got out of hand.” Thanks to @zwc0442 and @Steven...
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    Sold Infinite Hero Honor Tee

    Infinite Hero Honor Tee XL New with Tags $OLD Shipping CONUS
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    For Sale Crankshaft Matte Carbon Camo / Black Iridium “Infinite Hero”

    Hello OF for sale this Crankshaft Matte Carbon Camo / Black Iridium “Infinite Hero” in mint condition, comes with the IH microbag. SKU: OO9239-14 Frame 9/10 lenses 9/10 Price: $140 allin in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance included). Thanks.
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    For Sale Frogskin Matte Carbon Camo Infinite Hero

    frogskin without details showcase sunglasses comes with box, bag and poster 220 $ shipping included
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    Plasma work if

    Work I did this week, plasma treatment on an old carbon straight base violet lenses, purple erasers and sideblinder Follow the photos
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    For Sale Fuel Cells - Limited/Special Editions

    Cleaning out some items. All are new in box, except Infinite Hero; no pin. Chip Foose Deuce Coupe $150 each shipped in the US
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    Sold Plasma IH Frame

    Plasma IH Frame only. Sku 24-308 Nose Bridge very tight--it was just re-tuned by the x-man about a month ago and I've worn it twice since. Frame is in good condition. The only two flaws I can see is a little discoloring within the orbital screw hole and one ding on top of the orbital. Both...
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    Trading Violet TS 15 and Small Nose Bombs

    Looking to trade IH Violet TS 15 for violet TS-25. Also IH small nose bombs for IH violet large nose bombs. Also, willing to trade any blue, red and green rubbers + cash for the above.
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    Sold Lot Frames Split jacket

    Lot Frames Split jacket Frames in good condition, without bumps, firm stems. The rubbers of the stems are sticky, Lenses to scratched in poor condition. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. (to see photos) Price $...
  13. Mike.vanderkoon

    IHClone Collection 😎

    Finally completed my Half-x clone which I started over 6 months ago. Special thanks for the OF members that helped out. @jdd32 cut the half x lense, @zwc0442 sourced OEM violet icons and put them on the half x. @Wavecloud etched the half x, penny and flak 2.0 lenses.
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    Sold Infinite Hero Fuel Cell Carbon / Violet Iridium

    Hello OF for sale now the old School IH Fuel Cell Carbon with Violet Iridium lenses, they are new, they have not been used but if they have been exposed, the lenses are almost perfect they have some dust mark but impossible to capture in the photos, they just look like they are like new, came...
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    Deal Juliet Infinite Hero

    I know these don't come up often but Im looking for a NIB Infinite Hero for a friend! I might consider LNIB as well Thanks in advance! J
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    Sold IH Split Jacket Carbon W/ Grey / Violet

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, I used only 3 or 4 times with much love, still in very good condition, both lenses like new with out any scratchers, came with the ballistic black case, IH poster, IH bag, IH pin and new extra nose...
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    For Sale Infinite Hero Bundle - Custom Batwolf, Carbon Fuel Cell, Coin, Etc.

    Up for sale is what I believe to be an Infinite Hero collector's must-have bundle. I would like to sell the whole lot together and am not looking for any trades. I'm asking $500 for all items listed below and am firm on my price at this time. Album First up, we've got the prized possession of...
  18. Mike.vanderkoon

    Infinite Hero Juliet & Custom Penny

    I really love these two pairs, especially the penny . The custom Penny was well constructed by @Fresh . The Juliet’s are like new condition and complete. Both glasses have OEM rubbers with the penny lenses custom cut. I would love to expand these customs to the other x metal frames...
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    Sold BNIB IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI

    Hello OFamily I sell this preciousness, I kept it for me but I think that in the end I will not enjoy it so if someone wants to release it, this jewel is new, without defects, without use and without exposing it, it has been keep all this time, is complete with its box, spare parts, papers and...
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    Buying Juliet Violet OEM Rubber Set

    Looking for Infinite Hero Violet rubber set OEM. Also interested in individual components — ear socks, preferably TS-25 shocks (or TS-15), nose bombs. Used is fine as long as it still has life left in it. I am open to trading other items. Thanks in advance
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    Sold IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI and BIP complete

    Helll OF for sale this awesome IH split jacket Came with all, the IH box, papers, black case, IH bag, extra nose pads, all except the IH pin :( I don’t know we’re is, is used but in very good condition the violet lenses have more wear but still good for use, the black IH is better and don’t have...
  22. Mike.vanderkoon

    Infinite Hero collection Flak 2.0

    Just got my infinite hero flak 2.0. They look amazing especially with the purple O
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    Sold or Trade IH Fuel Cell with IH Square O Eyewear Hard Case

    CONUS IH Fuel Cell - [OO9096-36] - Frame is in good condition. The arms are a little loose but still remain open when extended. The lenses are Oakleys Violet Iridium [41-860] not the IH lens...The IH lens was not sold to me with the frame when I purchased it. IH Sunglass bag is also included...
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    Sold Back open - IH themed Titanium Penny & Julietu

    CONUS shipping. Penny Titanium Penny serial: PV012133 Nose: 8 Frame: 9+ goes very well with custom violet lenses (OEM). Lenses are essentially brand new as I used this as a display piece. Rubber is fantastic. IH-Themed Juliet No serial. @zwc0442 did the custom work. Dark purple arms and...
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    For Sale Cancer Fund Sale

    My best friend just found out he has mouth cancer and is needing funds to help pay bills. The prices are marked high but trust me that the little extra money will be going for a great cause. Thank you in advance to all my O Family! 1st Gen M Frame Fingerprint with Clear Slash Frame: 8/10 I see...
  26. RicHockney

    Infinite Hero?? Info

    Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but what is the Infinite Hero range/History etc? I’ve seen an incredibly nice pair of IH Juliet’s but they are seriously, seriously expensive!! Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  27. The_Darkone

    IH Plaintiff Question

    does anyone know what square case came with the OO4057-11 OIH Plaintiff Lead w/ Warm Grey lense? I know it came with an IH pin and IH microfiber bag but I don't believe the case was IH as well. I think it was a grey case with darker grey stripes. If anyone has the complete set or knows for...
  28. U

    Sold IH Fuel Cell

    IH Fuel Cell for sale, no box just micro and frame. These were just a shelf pair honestly can’t even remember if I had ever worn them. No frame marks or lens scratches. Asking $60 plus ship, no trades please.
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    For Sale Mixed bag of glasses!

    Ok I have some nice pairs I don't wear ! I bought all these used and I would say are 8/10 I don't see anything wrong with them but you might!! All have original boxes in different degrees of shape !! The transformers gas can are new in sealed box have never been out !! They may have the possible...
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    Sold Bundle of Oakley Pop Cards

    Selling a bundle of pop cards. All pop cards pictured are included as part of the bundle. Will not spit the bundle. Someone can buy the bundle and do that if they like. Please see the pictures below for the cards included in the bundle. There should be 66 of them. Asking $73 for all of them...