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    For Sale Inmate and Felon BOGO

    Bundle and save - I’d like to sell them together have original boxes and bags Felon - Chocolate Frame and dark bronze lenses Frame 9/10 (loose hinges) Lenses 6/10 no major scratches Inmate MPH - brushed chrome w/ grey lens Frame and lens 10/10 - hinges are a bit loose is all $200 for both
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    Sold Inmate - Chrome - Grey Polz

    Inmate - Chrome - Grey Polz Great condition 9/10 (lenses are almost perfect. In pics below, black dots are on behind the lenses.)
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    Sold Inmate Brushed Chrome/Matte Black / Dark Bronze #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this inmate in like new condition with out box only the bag, never used and never displayed, don’t have defects. SKU: 05-633 Date: May 2008 frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 rubbers 9/10 price: $200 for the glasses + $35 for the fees and shipping. $235 #SOLD allin in Paypal g&s OBO (...
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    Sold Crosshair TI and Inmate

    Hello. For sale is two pairs of glasses. First pair is a pair of Inmate’s. Sku: 05-632 These are used and show wear. Minor scratches on the frames, nothin. Too bad. Ear socks are in pretty good shape. Lenses seem to be a dark grey and not the warm grey (have a bit of greenish tint) have some...
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    For Sale Inmate Ducati new

    Selling my BNIB Inmate Ducati. Was USD SOLD shipped. Now USD SOLD shipped
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    For Sale Polished Chrome/VR28 Black Iridium Inmate Price drop!

    up for grabs is this pair of Polished Chrome/VR28 Black Iridium lenses! These are in good to great shape as well. The VR28 lenses have two tiny spots you can see in the pics. One is the real real tiny micro scratch which does not effect vision might I add on the right lens ( in pic next to sun)...
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    For Sale Inmates : polished gold/dark grey regular and Asian vets. Chrome/black iridium lenses

    Nice sets. The regular inmate are in good to very good condition. The smaller Asian has great frame but lenses are delaminated ( still ok to use ) Looking for 250$ For gold and 235$ for silver set. with only microfibers included. Asking 145$ for the Asian fit inmate with bad lenses. Only...
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    Buying Warden

    Looking for excellent to mint Warden's. Silver, black or the olive frames. No scratches in line of sight. Thanks
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    Hello all, Up for sale are a total of FIVE items. I will first list the prices of these items, to keep everything nice and tidy. They do not all have to be bought together but package deals DO take preference. ITEMS FOR SALE - PRICES ARE PP G&S AND INCLUDE SHIPPING: MARS LEATHER: SERIAL...
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    Sold Inmate - Light / BIP 05-634

    Inmate up for grabs because although I had a previous pair, I just don't prefer them as much these days. One of my all time favorite frames, but the style just isn't my wheelhouse anymore and moving in a different direction. In very good overall condition. Light frame 8/10, BIP lenses 7/10 The...
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    Sold Inmate polished gold w/ dark grey SKU 05-630

    Hello all this awesome inmate polished gold looking for new home is used but in very good condition, allis oem and came with bag only. Description: used SKU 05-630 Rubbers is Pelling 7/10 Lenses have signs of used and left lense have a point but no disturb, see the pic, still...
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    For Sale 2 sets of Inmate ( book of Eli) in boxes

    Inmate, looking fresh and dope, clean clean with box great all around!! Buy this one and have a set to blow away people! Condition is great all around! No wear or scratches! Take the chance! 250$ >240$ SOLD !including shipping ANYWHERE! Bling! Inmate #2 polished with vr28 black...
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    For Sale PRICE EDITED: Ducati x3 (inmate, Holbrook, Fives)

    Fives Squared Ducati Frame and lenses 10/10 New, no box. Was $230 shipped, now $180 Holbrook Nicky Hayden signature series Frame 10/10 Lenses 9/10 (light cleaning lines) Complete in box Was $230 shipped, now SOLD! Inmate Ducati New in box Frame and lenses 10/10 Was $330 shipped, now 300...
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    Sold Cleaning out the closet

    Having a little clear out. They are all on eBay as auctions if you want to bid, but also happy to accept the following amounts (All PayPal G&S to a registered PayPal Address): Inmate - Polished Chrome, Dark Grey Lenses (Glasses and MF only) $old Inmate - Ducati Limited Edition (with Ducati...
  15. marty mcfly

    Inmate T

    These bad boys were released into my custody a couple days ago. Picked them up at the police station on Thursday I believe. True story. I tried to post then, but it looks like the post never saved. Hopefully they don't try to start any trouble with Inmate A, I would hate to have to put them...
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    For Sale Inmate Ducati Limited Edition

    I'm letting this baby go... It is in perfect condition, boxed and all, not even a scratch. (More pics later when I get home) $350 (Shipping from Chile is very expensive)
  17. Mark Southwell

    My Collection Taking Shape......Updated 23/11/16 - page 7 onwards

    Couple of months in to seriously collecting O's and finally put most of my collection on show (promptly got shouted at by my better half for "wasting money" and "do you really need all those sunglasses!" What she doesn't know is that I have more on the way and that there are some at my parents...
  18. Mark Southwell

    What is the best case for my Inmates?

    Hi All, I have a set of Ducati Inmates, and looking to buy another (current ones are getting a bit tired - would Oakley refurb them?). My current set of Inmate reside in a Large Metal Vault, but have never been convinced that they fit correctly. What case would everyone recommend? Thanks in...
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    Sold Inmate Ducati

    Selling brand new Inmate Ducati, $old Matte Black Frame/Warm Grey Lens