iridium lenses

  1. U

    For Sale  XMetal lens Romeo 1

    black iridium practically new without latches without peeling 99.9% Gold iridium a little more used contains latch and some small scratches 85% comes with original brown unobtainium kit missing a nose 300 $ FREE SHIPPING
  2. U

    For Sale  New Custom Oakley Radar EV Retina Burn +Red Iridium

    A custom straight from Oakley's website. Build includes; Retina Burn frame, +Red Iridium Lens, Polished Black Icon, & Black Ear Socks. Comes with custom bag, Large Radar Case, Custom box, & paperwork. Condition: Worn once to try on. Don't fit my narrow head very well. Asking Price: $120 shipped...
  3. Arsenic

    Looking to replace Batwolf lenses. Few Q's

    Hey, first post. Just bought my first pair of oakleys (a pair of batwolfs) and I'll never go back to other sunglasses again. The lenses that came with the batwolfs are awesome but unfortunately you can see my eyes very clearly in just about any amount of light. I wear sunglasses indoors because...
  4. S

    How much are my Juliets worth?

    Hey I bought a pair of iridium blue lensed Juliets I reckon about 10 years ago and now I'm looking to offload them. Not been used for at least 5 years. They are genuine, bought from a reputable retailer. No receipt, no box etc. Just the glasses. The lenses and frames are in very good condition...
  5. U

    Sold  **Weekend Drop***NWOB MotoGP Turbine w/ Jade Iridium lenses

    Selling a pair of Moto GP Turbine glasses. Comes with glasses and original microbag, can't find the box. Asking $90 OBO PayPal G&S. See picts below. Never worn but since displayed I would say 9.5/10 but I really can't find any marks :)
  6. F

    Triggerman - what lens to get?

    Hi guys, i am new here. I am looking to get a new pair of sunglasses and looked at a few instore and liked the look and feel of the triggerman model (also liked the badman but a bit too expensive for my budget ). I am just not sure what lens to go for as I like them all somewhat. I do spend...
  7. Matheus Sampaio

    Combinations of rubbers + lenses - X-Metal Frame (X-Squared )

    Hey guys, how are you? Next , acquired recently an X-Squared X-metal with Black Iridium lenses Ducati. Frame is new, however, the lens is well worn. I wish friends offered me some models of combination of rubbers + lenses so that I can ride my glasses. In another moment , they forwarded me a...
  8. A

    Allergy / Allergy to metals

    Allergy / Allergy to metals Apologies if my question sounds stupid, I just want to know before buying sunglasses. Would you know if someone with allergy to metals could wear Oakley with Iridium lenses? I am not sure since you don’t touch it like other metals, but are close to your eyes and...