1. Bonz-1

    Sold Juliet x-metal complete! Custom Juliet price drop!!

    Hey everyone today I have a complete x-metal Juliet with matching box coin and papers and extra nose bombs and t-shocks! The frame has a fresh tune and new rubbers!! The lenses are bip but not fantastic . I'm asking $340.00 for these!! The next is a custom Juliet done in burnt bronze!! These...
  2. Dullisc

    Polished Juliet 1st Gen

    Got a great deal on these the other week. They needed a tuneup in a bad way and to be cleaned thoroughly but everything else was great with them. Sent them for a tuneup as soon as they came in and just got them back.. Love them. My first Polished Juliet and love the feel and the look of them...
  3. Linegear Japan

    Sold Juliet Box, unmarked

    Hi all, An Oakley Juliet Box, unmarked for sale. Box in good condition. Coin holding place still good. Coin in good condition. Foam is okay not sticky. Document included. 50$ shipping fee included. Thank you for considering.
  4. Linegear Japan

    Sold Juliet box set, later gen

    Juliet box for sale with coin and paper. Like new condition. The label is for RX (prescription lenses). 70$ Shipped.
  5. L5072

    Sold Juliet Box

  6. Fernando

    Sold Juliet Xmetal w/ black iridium " ONLY BOX - PAPERS - COIN " $65

    Hello Obro's this time came with box papers and coin for juliet Xmetal with black Iridium lenses, the form inside is perfect, have all the labels, and came with coin, all is in good condition. SKU: 04-110 Coin holder is no included. Price $65 #SOLD with Shipping included obo Thanks...
  7. toosteeley

    Buying Juliet Plasma/Fire Box

    Hi all. I'm looking for a good condition and complete Juliet plasma/fire box. Would prefer an older version/generation with large coin. Paperwork and extra rubbers would be a bonus ;) Thanks!