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    Sold [PRICE DROP] Custom Radar EV Black/Ruby Polarized

    Sale or Trade: $80 shipped OCP Radar EV Frame: Polished Black Lens: Ruby Iridium Polarized Pitch Icon: Infrared Earsocks: Black *Includes Case, Box, Bag etc. Trade for: Jawbreaker, Radarlock, M2, Eyeshade, other Radar EV
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    Trading OCP Radar EV Polarized!

    Looking to trade or possibly sell. Mainly want a straight up trade. OCP Radar EV: New condition; Polished Black, Red Icon, Red Socks, Chrome Iridium Polar Pitch Lens. Looking for: Other Radar EV, Jawbreakers, Flight Jackets, M2’s. New condition preferred.
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    Buying M2's with Iridium Lenses

    Hello, looking to see whats out there. Looking for a pair of M2's with some Iridium lenses. The more pictures the better.
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    For Sale M2 Frame Polished Black OO Red Iridium Polarized

    We have an M2 Frame Polished black with OO Red Iridium polarized lenses. Never been worn. Has an etching on the right lens (APEX 2014). Comes with original box Asking $120 includes shipping- US Only
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    Sold M2 Polished Black - Red Iridium Polarized & Prizm Trail Lenses - Ballistic case

    Selling an Oakley M2 polished black frame, with Red Iridium polarized lenses and an extra set of new Prizm Trail lenses. It also comes with a ballistic 2.0 array case and paperwork. Red Iridium lenses show some minor signs of wear, there is a very small scratch towards the outer edge that is...
  6. S

    Better lens coverage between M2 XL and Radarlock Pitch

    I want to buy new prizm cricket lens.. I have two options.. M2 xl and radarlock pitch.. which provides better lens coverage between the two frames?
  7. S

    M2 xl or Jawbreaker

    What would be the best for running - M2 XL or Jawbreaker?
  8. S

    do m2 xl lenses fit m frames?

    I want to buy an m2 xl prizm baseball lens but don't have any m2 frame.. Since m frame prizm baseball lenses are not available.. I thought if this can be done... I have many m frames.. I read somewhere that m2 lenses fit m frames but the fit is very tight.
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    Sold M2 Array with High End Lens - All LNIB

    Offering an M2 Array. The main player is an M2 Custom Matte Black Frame with Silver Wings, Gunmetal Icons and Royal Blue ear-socks. The Royal Blue goes well with the Lens, which is the Blue Deep-water Iridium Polarized Prizm. I purchased this separately for $110. I am including an...
  10. schnitzeraffe

    M2 Lens Modified to Fit the M Frame

    So now that the Oakley M2 is out, the original M Frame is being put out to pasture. :( M Frame lenses direct from Oakley are now extremely limited. Your options are clear and gray... and you better be a fan of the Strike style lens (which I am not). Oh how I long for access to replacement...
  11. J

    M Frame replacement lenses in M2 Frame

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and was hoping someone could answer a question for me. I have a pair of M2s and was wondering M frame replacement lenses will fit? Thank you!
  12. Tom.

    How to Remove Earsocks on Oakley M2 Frame?

    I'm looking to remove the earsocks on my Oakley M2's and looking for some pointers. Is it hard, and is there any special technique to do it ? All tips are appreciated
  13. Rustpot

    Oakley M2 Frame Sunglasses – Complete Review

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  14. Oakley4Life

    Oakley M2 Frame

    It'll be here soon :)