mars crater

  1. Jaasperg

    Romeo 1 and Mars crater FTW

    New to the group and these 2 are my recent purchases Romeo Ti Gold Mars crater
  2. U

    Sold Frame Mars Crater

    Mars Crater Frame in very good condition, some slight scratches, lenses in very bad condition. needs tuning. Additional rubber set used in good condition. If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible Free shipping Pay with Paypal...

    Rare Low serial number Oakley Mars X-Metal Black Iridium Sunglass

    Hey guys I would love to get some help on what you think these Oakley Mars X-Metal Black Iridium Sunglass are worth. These where given to my dad because he was a Oakley athlete on staff at the time. The lens have slight blemishes and is missing nose pieces and gasket. These are one of the lowest...
  4. U

    Traded my Pit Boss 1 frame for your Mars Crater frame

    Have am excellent condition PB1 frame, willing to trade for a Mars Crater frame with OEM finish. Lenses and rubbers not needed PM me if interested
  5. R

    Value of my mars crater and lens set

    Well my old age is causing me to retired my all time favorite pair of sunglasses in favor of prescription ones. It is my opinion that these are the best sunglasses made. I have owned them for 13or 14 years. I still have the original lenses but they are a bit rough. I have 4 sets of walleva...
  6. xmetal40

    Display Case Fun

  7. Bonz-1

    Show me your Mars/Craters !

    As most know I'm a Mars nut so I want to see what everyone is wearing! Custom or oem I love them all !!
  8. Bonz-1

    Bonz Custom Boneyard

    @Chris515000 said I needed to do a post of some of the stuff I have done so I'm finally going to bite the bone and do it lol !! I love looking at what everyone else is doing and have collected Oakley's for probably 20 years !! You are truly a great group of people !! I have been alone all these...
  9. U

    Buying Mars lens(es)

    Also willing to trade. Emerald, DWP, Fire, etc. PM me what will be available.
  10. U

    Sold Mars crater

    $450 excellent condition, low serial if that interest you.
  11. U

    Sold Starting over sale

    Selling off my xmetals that are not complete and starting over with complete sets. Pm me with reasonable offers as these are all obo, but I know what I paid for them and I'm not giving them away. R1 Xm black-7/10 SOLD w/xtra lens R2 Xm Ruby-9/10 $350 Xx 24k-9/10 $400 serialed Mars crater...
  12. Amak.2DK

    Crater Freak Accident

    Hey O brothers, Would like your prospective view regarding to your past experiences with Oakley Nose Bridge service. From my understanding the service is discounted or throughout certain country. Well I visited a Oakley Store in Thailand and was surprised they're still servicing for X metal...
  13. Pospaintballer

    New case=new xmetals

    Time to fill this one. Big shout out to @Aggie07 for these 2 gorgeous and yes complete Penny's.
  14. U

    Buying Crater box/coin

    looking for Mars Crater box and coin. Let me know what u got. Doubt it but if it happens to be serial C000645 then I'll throw ya some extra
  15. Pospaintballer


    got these in today I knew they where in perfect condition 9/10 but then I noticed something that I didn't expect. A pretty low serial # I think......... By the way great guy to purchase from @BigRabbit good price and an excellent item.
  16. U

    Deal Mars Lenses - Found

    Looking for OEM lenses, preferably factory, but will consider custom cuts too. Preferred color Black Iridium. Willing to buy at reasonable price, or I also have a lot of things to use in trade. Please PM me with what you have Cheers
  17. Megahurtz

    Mars crater custom leather wrap

    I purchased a pair of mars crater and dropped them off with a champion leatherman to have leather installed . I gave him many pictures of the authentic mars jordan and asked for the glasses to look the same . i have been waiting a week and a half for them to be finished and have just a few more...
  18. BHarry

    Been busy...

    I went on somewhat of a buying spree recently. There are many good reasons to get a new pair of glasses. "I have been looking for these for ever" "but it was such a good deal" Or the combo… "How can I pass on that deal, I have been looking for those forever" I had my share of all of those...