mars leather

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    For Sale Mars Jordan Gold lenses

    Selling this lenses from my Mars Jordan. Really good from the front, just some tiny super light hairlines. From the back some classic delam. $150 shipped anywhere in America/Europe.
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    Sold Jordan Romeo and Mars Leather

    Having trouble uploading pics. Condition, etc is all in my eBay listings. I'd love to see these in the hands of an OF Collector! Obviously not looking for eBay prices on here!!! Fire me a reasonable OF member offer and they're yours. Also willing to trade for equivalent value in NBA TopShot...
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    Sold X-Metals (R1, Mars, Penny, Juliet)

    Trying to downsize my collection, and I have several duplicate pairs. Condition is very subjective, detailed pictures are part of the description. Click on the Google Drive link to view the photos and just send me a PM if you have any questions, I can take more pictures upon request. They are in...
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    Deal Mars Jordan all original, serial matching box!

    Selling a one owner Mars ( I picked it up but decided to pass it on ) . The original owner kept it for 21 years!! The nose has no strength left it’s completely loose. Lenses have microscratches but still usable or great for display. Leather can be cleaned and reused since it’s still has lots of...
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    Hello all, Up for sale are a total of FIVE items. I will first list the prices of these items, to keep everything nice and tidy. They do not all have to be bought together but package deals DO take preference. ITEMS FOR SALE - PRICES ARE PP G&S AND INCLUDE SHIPPING: MARS LEATHER: SERIAL...
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    Sold Mars leather w/ gold Iridium SKU: 04-104 Michael Jordan edition

    Hello OFamily I decide tu sell other one mars leather W/ gold Iridium Michael Jordan serialized all is oem and the general status is fantastic, General rating 9,8/10 don’t have scrachers frame or lenses and don’t have use, the leather has no dirt, one thread is broken thats the only issue on the...
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    Sold Mars leather!

    Ok guys I'm going to let go one of my pairs of leather mars!! I got a pair from Steve and decided I better sell these before they end up getting customized lol !! The lenses on these are not great they are delaminated at the top of both Len's !! It wasn't a big deal for me but might be for you...
  8. Gabriel Clemente

    Mars Jordan Good condition

    Hello O'brothers!!! Got a good deal this last week of the year, Mars Jordan Serial M*002175 In good conditions, lenses i'd say 7,5/10 frame 9/10 ~~~~/Paid 500U$D came only with bag no box. Will Update More photos soon! Thanks for watching! Wish all O'brothers a very prosperous 2018...
  9. Megahurtz

    Mars leather w/ hammerstems

    I have the original box bag nose bombs and coin just have replaced the original arm stems with hammerstems did this lower the value ? I’ve lost the original stems ! ??
  10. Megahurtz

    Mars crater custom leather wrap

    I purchased a pair of mars crater and dropped them off with a champion leatherman to have leather installed . I gave him many pictures of the authentic mars jordan and asked for the glasses to look the same . i have been waiting a week and a half for them to be finished and have just a few more...
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    Sold Mars Jordan leather #SOLD

    Hi all, I put on sale my mars leather has a good price for a quick sale, the glasses are in perfect condition, has the serial number, the lenses and the frame are perfect, they are used but with carefully , came with mf-bag, have serial in The arm. Frame 9,7/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Leather...
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    Sold Mars leather Jordan #SOLD

    Hi o-family i decided to put for sale my Oakley Mars Leather Jordán with low serial, this frame is in very good condition, I've used it a few times, the lenses are in perfect condition, with some signs of use but almost nothing and of course does not affect vision, I can not take them in...