1. U

    For Sale Set of 5 Extra Large Microfiber Bags

    Got more than a few of these laying around; figured some other members could use some as well. Bags measure 7.5 in by 8 in. $30 shipped.
  2. U

    Trading /Selling ~ Red Stretch Line MF Bags

    I've got these bags. They're pretty cool. They're very red! They are Extra LARGE! An I've got too many of them... So I'm willing to trade more than 1... 2, buckle my shoe, 3, 4, shut the door, 5 6... okay you get it I have a lot. I have a few with minor flaws which could be used as donors for...
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    Buying Racing Division Microfiber Bag

    Looking for a bag with Racing Division graphic as shown below. This shares the graphic found on the 18" extra long bag which came with the Tony Stewart Helmet Visor, but in a shorter format. If anyone has this bag, or any leads on finding another one in this approximate size I'd greatly...
  4. U

    For Sale 3D printed microfiber bag display stands

    I’ve settled on a final design for these bag stands. I have two sizes, one for regular bags and one for Frog size bags. There are also two orientations for each, horizontal and vertical. The frame is sturdy enough to hold the bags tight and the base keeps them from tipping over. No need to prop...
  5. U

    Found White Oakley Microfiber Bags

    looking to buy some all white Oakley Microfiber bags. Please PM me with what you have.
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    Sold SI Microfiber Bag Bundle

    I’m selling 5 SI microfiber bags as a bundle. I’m not looking to split them up. Asking $48 USD includes PayPal G&S and CONUS shipping. No trades or international shipping.
  7. U

    Sold LAST CALL $175 takes the rest — Big “Retirement Sale”

    ** everything is now sold, thank you! ** Hey all. I used to be pretty active here on the forum, and over time I accumulated a decent little collection, but nowadays I just rotate through the same couple pairs while the rest sits in a cabinet. I guess this is Part 1 of 2 of my “retirement...
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    For Sale Miscellaneous items

    2 PB1 boxes BNIB $50 each 1 2014 Gift with Purchase Bottle opener $35 5 Oakley Custom Microfibers $25 for the Lot Paypal G&S Shipped CONUS
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    Sold Lost to eBay - BNIP Lot of Microbags

    Selling a lot of microbags, will not separate must buy as a lot. All are brand new in the packaging. Asking $90 G&S includes shipping CONUS. Will not ship International, again sorry to my friends across the water.
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    Sold BNIB Complete NYC Fuel Cell Set

    Selling a complete NYC Fuel Cell setup, Glasses are brand new and never worn(took out of box to take pictures), no scratches, dents, dings, bruises, blemishes etc. Also includes the square O NYC case and matching micro fiber bag. The glasses I have the original box for but no box for the hard...
  11. U

    Deal Sebastien Loeb Microfiber Bag

    Need this bag, can buy or trade for it. Let me know thanks.
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    For Sale Ferrari Microfiber Cloth Bag *SOLD*

    Ferrari Microfiber Bag I have 4 available. 1 for $20 2 for $35 3 for $50 4 for $60 Shipping via USPS First Class US/CONUS Payment via PP F&F or please add 4%
  13. 702baby

    Helicopter Microbag ID

    anyone know what limited/special edition this bag is from? And no I don't have one unfortunately, just saw this and was curious thanks.