monster dogs

  1. U

    Buying Monster Dogs

    Just starting to look, if you have any PM me a pic and what you want for them. What is similar to Monster Dogs, I don't mind trying something different. I had a pair of Ducati that I wore under my helmet so needless to say they have seen better days
  2. shatteredimagez

    Oakley Monster Dog - Where to find lenses?

    How hard is it to find monster dogs lenses?
  3. M

    Monster Dog Fishing Specific

    Does anyone know the difference between normal and "Fishing Specific" Monster Dogs that were released? I've sourced a pair of MDs with VR28 polarised - my favourite frame and lens! Is this "Fishing Specific" just a marketing thing and they are the same as normal Monsters?
  4. U

    Sold SOLD White Camo Monster Dog - broken - for parts or project SOLD

    Not sure if someone might be interested in this, but I'll give it a shot... For sale is a used White Camo Monster Dog, with a fairly clean break at the nose bridge, no lenses. So this pair obviously needs some help. Good as a parts pair, or good for someone with some expoxy repair skills. No...
  5. U

    For Sale Monster Dogs and Minutes - Updated 1/21

    Good evening, I have for sale a number of minutes 1.0 (2nd gen) and monster dogs ranging in condition and completeness. I will consider trades for x metals, frogs, and other vintage items. All sales are obo, f&f, shipped conus (will ship international at buyers expense). Listings are as...
  6. Squared-Ojunkie

    Monster Dog's, Monster Pup's or Straight Jacket's?

    Can someone tell me what model these are? I am unsure whether they are Monster Dog's, Monster Pups or Straight Jackets?
  7. ajcon200

    Oakley Monster Dog - Amber Black

    Hi. Well I've been searching for a while for the amber bip lens for the monster dog. And now by chance I'm going to have 2 sets show up at virtually the same time. One is going to be as it was sold originally with the polished black frame and matching old style box. The other is going...
  8. Oakley_Sight

    Tribal Monster Dogs On eBay

    Might me of interest for someone looking for a pair.... Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses Tribal Slate | eBay
  9. T

    Monster Dog Cinder Frame Value?

    1 Monster Dog frame with Grey lenses 1 frame only Absolutely unworn Brand new What is a fair price was thinking 300 shipped but need input
  10. T

    Were The Monster Dog White & Night Camo Models Limited?

    Were these dogs produced in limited numbers or are they just rare due to popularity? I'm sure dr.chop is the go to guy regarding this question