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  1. Hvy@rms61120

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    Hi I am new here love Oakley have since I was a kid in the 90s. I had a pair of Juliet’s that my wife misplaced and really would love to have a pair again. I currently have the radar lock but nothing beats the good old Juliet’s.
  2. M

    Hi from the UK

    Hi all, I thought I would introduce myself: I am from the UK, near London, and have long been a fan of Oakley! First pair was a pair of Fives Squared BIP (my fave lenses) about 10 or so years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Have a good few pairs, with faves prob being my Jupiter...
  3. Jcal303

    Hi all. Glad I found you.

    Hello all I’m new forum (obviously) found this awesome page while searching for a pair of root beer Splices. I found a pair of Square wire 2.0 in an alley while getting lunch at work. Reminded me of how much I used to love all the Oakley’s I’ve owned and decided to get me a pair of my favorite...
  4. Spade115


    Howdy, Im new to the Forum, Was reccomended by a member of EDCForum. I normally bought sunglasses in bulk and usually destroy they in a month or two depending on my riding season. (Motorcycle) and after destroying tons of glasses, I bought my first pair of Oakleys (Holbrook) and now I own 15...