oakley case

  1. C

    Oakley Sunglasses Case

    Hi all, A friend of mine has recently purchased a pair of oakley sunglasses in the UK and received them with a hard metal Oakley case as in the photo I attach to my post - I have been looking all over the Internet for this particular case and had no luck yet in finding it. Has anybody else...
  2. J

    Which case for Enduros?

    Hey I just bought a pair of Shaun White Enduros and need to buy a case. Can anyone vouch for a particular one that fits the Enduros nicely?
  3. bean323

    Blind luck due to needing a watch display box

    Hey there! Been here for abit and recently was going to change to a select few Oakley items. Sold or traded off my other 2 pit bosses and in the trade got a Minute watch. Needed a box for it so hit our forums looking and ebay. In my random searching found a couple of cool watch boxes but...
  4. Reece

    Custom Cases

    Has anyone out there built a custom case? I'd like to see some pictures as I'm thinking about making one myself.
  5. B

    Smallest case for Crosshair

    I've got a medium soft vault for my crosshair glasses, it can be a bit cumbersome on trips where I've just got it in my shorts pockets. I read some places say the smaller pill shaped case will be ok as well. Anyone got any experience? I don't want the fit to be a squeeze that might bend the frames.