oakley mars

  1. J


    hi guys, I registere4d a few weeks ago as i have some Oakley Mars to sell, but im not an Oakley specialist or anything, i thought i had to wait 14 days to be able to sell stuff, can anyone help me out, thanks
  2. RoTors

    Mars and Craters

    Here are the "Attention Grabbing" Mars and Craters in my collection, enjoy.
  3. SiRacer420

    Dat Ice Crater

    So that Ice Crater came in. It's just as expected. Beautiful blue lenses and awesome blue rubber. There was a bit of a debate over the authenticity of the blur rubber, or at least the nose bombs. The seller wasn't too forthcoming with information other than it was ordered as a custom crater from...
  4. D

    Does the Mars Box have hand written serial number?

    Hi All, Interested in a listing but notice the hand written serial number on the box - is that standard for the Mars back in the day? OAKLEY MARS X-METAL BLACK IRIDIUM MATCHING SERIAL BNIB VERY HARD TO FIND!! | eBay Any reason not to take a punt on these? Thanks DSJ
  5. lostin


  6. Ry.1982

    Subdued X metals W/ Fallen Hero

    So, here is my subdued collection. The R2 needs a little help :) Oakley will not cut RX lenses for the R2 so I plan on taking the lenses to have a custom set made with the RX in them. Took a couple other pics of most of my collection as well..... Next up is the Infinite hero line. Only short a...
  7. Wancervelo

    My latest Xmetal steal.....

    Xmetal Madness.....
  8. SiRacer420

    New Mars

    I caught a pair of those Mars on the bay last last night. Asked the seller about Craters. All sold out.