oakley x-metal

  1. U

    Sold Oakley X-Metal XX 24K with 24K Gold Iridium

    Hi all, I have this for sale. Frame in mint condition (third generation), no matching box or coin. Come with Microfiber pouch & Soft Vault. Been a display item and if wear only for taking pictures. Option 1: All OEM set (Original rubber in good condition, 24k lenses): 445$ shipped. (Without...
  2. U

    Buying Feeler

    I've had these X-Metal Craters for a while but, know nothing about O Matter. No longer need the Mars but, want to find a fair trade for what fits me. I don't even know the style names to ask about. You guys would be helping me out. I know of the PB1. Any floating around out there?
  3. aleXmetals1269

    Deja vu

    Last year on this day I was able to buy my first pair of romeo 1 (plasma). So last night I was remembering that special day I was so lucky to get a pair like this on Christmas day for a not even half the price of a decent pair now. I never saw a pair for sale again on Craigslist for the rest...
  4. I

    Juliet help needed

    Bought my second pair of Juliets today. Unfortunately no original packaging, the lenses are completely shot but the frame is in great shape. There is no serial number which made me a bit weary about the purchase, but the left lens has "polarized" etched in it and for $100 it was worth the gamble...
  5. NashCasten

    Acquired 2 x metals today

    Got these from a friend both for 19000php or roughly 422usd Juliet X metal frame revant ruby lens comes with revant pouch only And 2001 Oakley Penny polished ice lens comes with the vault and box together with the copper coin I need help with the penny upon closer inspection it seems that...
  6. Jacob Carstens

    A few new items...

    Last week was good to me.. 2000 French Catalogue Another White Chrome Minute XX Fl. St. X-Metal XX Tio2 complete X-Metal 24K mint Pro Racing Jackets - Pearl + Dark Chrome
  7. Linegear Japan

    Linegear official reseller in the Middle East: Qatar, UAE

    Dear all, Thank you for your support of Linegear products. Due to the difficulties we have experience with shipping to a few countries in the middle east, and to save time and shipping fee for our customer, we have made OakleyOnTheSpot our official resellers. See this website: Linegear -...
  8. Arron1980

    Old vs. New Oakley X-Metals

    The old and the new.