old glory

  1. U

    For Sale Various Frogs

    Hey, After, I guess, a few years out of the game, I’ve decided to sell some of my frogs. These are all shelve pieces. Most have never been worn and all are 10/10. They all come with box, bag and papers if not noted otherwise on the individual piece. All prices excluding shipping. EU shipping...
  2. Belfry

    Oakley London Has Pairs Of Old Glory And Union Frogs

    Oakley London has pairs of old glory and union frogskins..... Not my cuppa but I'm sure iv read someone wanting them....
  3. tigbball5

    Tigbball's Frogs

    These are the new frogs I have obtained since joining this forum. 1. Heaven & Earth Collection Matte Sky/ Sapphire Iridium The sapphire iridium lens is absolutely stunning.It is is just like jade iridium but with blue. I pops a lot more than ice. 2.STAPLE x LIBERTY x Oakley This pair is...
  4. lawman0210

    New Frogskins: Union Jack X Old Glory Set

    Title says it all. Just scored a set of Union Jack "UK" and Old Glory "USA" Olympic exclusive Frogskins. Both have the limited edition microfiber bags. Loving them so far.
  5. U

    For Sale Old Glory/Danny Kass

    Hey guys just posted a thread in the sunglass exchange section that include the two glasses mentioned. Here's the link http://www.oakleyforum.com/threads/my-collection-to-cover-some-bills.20020/ GO CHECK EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. sQuijeW

    Old Glory/Union Jack Frogskins

    Just got a pair of Old glory Frogskins and a pair of Union Jack Frogskins to add to my wardrobe They look great, but I want to be sure that I did not pick up a knock off for what i paid. Is there a way to tell if they are legit or not for these specific editions? From what I can tell they are...
  7. ECUOakley

    New Pairs!

    Just got 4 new frogs......Old Glory, smog text, matt white, and wildberries wildberries are not in yet
  8. dallious

    Frogskin Old Glory

    Just got a pair Old Glory today. They are great, now just need to find some Union Jacks
  9. PeterLloyd

    Union Jacks And A New Pair Of Old Glory!

    Picked up my pair of Union Jacks today at the Lenscrafters in Hong Kong. Wasn't sure if I was going to buy them but they were too beautiful to pass up. They got one more pair of Old Glory so I swapped my week old pair . . . my first pair had very dark +Red lenses, they were mostly blue and you...
  10. PeterLloyd

    Old Glory!

    Just picked up a pair of Old Glory Frogskins here in Hong Kong! My first purchase since the Fades series. Pretty snazzy and I felt pretty lucky since they were the last pair in stock. The Union Jacks are on their way!
  11. A

    A Few New Pick Ups

    Recently added all black customs, old glories with blue iridium, supreme chromes, and a pair of black m frames for work oh and koston tortoise as well. Glories m frames and supremes are not in my hands yet
  12. SpliceD

    Old Glory From SF O-Store

    I picked these up from the SF O-Store while hanging out up there this week. I know it's nothing really crazy or cool and i'm pretty late to the game with getting these, but i figure i'd post 'em up. Not my favorites, but since they're limited i thought i'd add them to my collection.
  13. S

    The New Olympians

    Hey there. All set for the Olympics I guess =)