1. Gunn

    Sold Penny Polished w/ Black Iridium, used but good condition, tight wear pair

    Hello OF, here I have a Penny for sale. It's the polished version with the OEM black Iridium installed. It has the PB serial in the left stem, number is in the low 4000. Nosebridge is factory tight, so no need for a service on that frame at all. OEM rubbers are nice and not sticky. Spring...
  2. Fernando

    Sold Penny 24k w/ ruby iridium lenses “CUSTOM”

    Hello Of I decided to put for sale one of my best penny custom pair, custom for @zwc0442 one of the best artist of this house, I put only two times and is in like new condition, all is perfect with out scratchers, came with a Xmetal black case and mf-bag, the frame is pi serial and the oem ruby...
  3. Mike.vanderkoon

    Deal Penny OEM Nose Bombs

    Loking for penny OEM nose bombs or rubber set. I know half jackets original version is a good substitute but I would rather have the real thing. Any references are appreciated! Thanks
  4. Mike.vanderkoon

    First Penny!!

    i was finally able to get my first Penny XM ruby!!! Thank you @Serturbo
  5. Tejada

    Sold Penny Custom Polished Chrome

    The frame was chromed except for the nasal bridge that was polished. The lenses are totally new from Linegear Red Mirror polarized brand. The gums of the nose are totally new, the rubber bands of the rod and the joints are missing. It is included a box in good condition as the penny coin. The...
  6. dmawer

    For Sale Penny Titanium/Black Iridium

    Sold Hi Everyone, Haven't done much in the way of selling lately, but I'm putting up this pair of Penny. The frames are in excellent condition, small play in the nosebridge but no maintenance needed. Lenses are in great shape for being ~18 years old, some small flecks here and there. No...
  7. Mike.vanderkoon

    Found Buying Penny X Metal Ruby

    Preferably a complete set with matching serial number. thx
  8. Fernando

    Sold Penny titanium w/ Ice iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale one penny titanium with ice iridium lenses, all is oem, the lenses have a cleaning mark and the left one one line I try to capture in the pic but is low and can’t see wen you put the glasses and no affect the vision, i rate low the lenses to save my ass lolll, came with...
  9. mustangjt

    Sold Polished Penny with Vault

    For Sale is a polished Penny with Black Iridium Lenses. Some discoloration on the frame (patina). Small scratch on outer right side of bridge near pin. Bridge is tight and not needing a tune. Lenses have scratches in center of vision. Rubbers in like new condition. Comes with the Medium size...
  10. RicHockney

    Buying List of XM's - I have cash burning a hole in my pocket

    Hi O fans, I HAD a few quid burning a hole in my pocket so I WAS looking to buy any of the following. If you have something which matches let me know the price. They must be fully boxed, excellent condition, matching etc... I will update this again when funds allow another purchase. Romeo...
  11. M

    For Sale Oakley X-Metals: X-squared, Penny, Half-X

    Oakley X-squared, Penny and Half-X for sale. Payment PayPal G&S. Shipping to CONUS included. Please message me if you have any questions. Thanks X-squared - Carbon Frame / 00 BIP lenses - lenses, frame, rubbers, and nose bridge are in great shape. Includes box, coin, paperwork, microfiber...
  12. Dorig Dokkens

    Deal PLATE SALE. Plus miscellaneous

    Pm me for any additional info. I have a couple of Plates and a couple miscellaneous things that I’m letting go. All come with standard MF bag. No box or coins. All frames have original OEM lenses. No holds, first one who pays gets it. Free shipping CONUS Internation shipping additional...
  13. xmetal40

    Sold Back open - IH themed Titanium Penny & Julietu

    CONUS shipping. Penny Titanium Penny serial: PV012133 Nose: 8 Frame: 9+ goes very well with custom violet lenses (OEM). Lenses are essentially brand new as I used this as a display piece. Rubber is fantastic. IH-Themed Juliet No serial. @zwc0442 did the custom work. Dark purple arms and...
  14. kayana photography bali

    For Sale 2 Penny titanium

    For sale 2 Penny Titanium Both without box. Only microbags. 1. Penny Titanium with black ridium lens (brand new) also will included original ice iridium lens with conditions around 8/10. Still very good for daily used. Frame very good conditions, all rubbers still OEM set. Price USD$375 include...
  15. O

    Sold X-Metal clear out!

    Hi guys, With an upcoming house move and a focus elsewhere time to continue clearing out the storage bins of all the Oakley stuff I accumulated over many years at the big O. Basic info: no boxes, all in micro bags of some sort or another, all ex display as I would call them with excellent...
  16. xmetal40

    Sold X Metal/Ruby Penny

    Shipping CONUS Looking for bigger X-Metal frames: R2, Romeo, X-Squared, Mars, and XX. PB1 also very high on my list, as well as Plate. The trade may include $ exchange one way or the other, depending upon the glasses in question. I’m open to project frames, as I like sending frames to @zwc0442...
  17. Lars

    New in box X-metals from a store.

    I founs these two at a small optician store and had to purchase them. Not the pairs I wear myself but could not resist them. Complete with matching serial. Got them for a good price too.
  18. dragonvoi

    For Sale Dragonvoi's x metal refinery

    As my old thread is not really accessible I have decided to start a new one. there are too many pics to upload, so just tag or message me with the pair you want to see and I will upload pics as we go! Much more to come, I just needed to start somewhere. prices are firm, G&S shipped in the USA...
  19. Tejada

    For Sale Boxes Penny x Metal, Romeo 2 Polished, Zero 0.1

    Boxes penny x metal, $105 Romeo 2 Polished, 105 Zero 0.1, $60 Pay By Paypal The prices have included the value of the shipment to the united states.
  20. Orion

    Sold Penny Parts

    Or Penny Pahts.....LOL These came from Coppah Pennies......and unfortunately this is all I have Nose bridge/ 2 spring hinges/ nose bombs (1 has a small tear) / 1 orbital screw & orbital gasket / 3 washers (no pic) and one lens. The lens is maybe a 7-10. I can get a pic of that if you really...
  21. andr3

    Pennys in the middle

    I am not quite sure if these are technically my first or second pair of X-Metals. I bought these first. But they took a bit to ship from good old England. So I picked up the Juliets first. I like the uncoated Titanium (alloy) frame and the VR28BI lenses on the Penny. Much less sensitive than...
  22. E

    A Must-Have for X-Metal

  23. andr3

    Penny / Copper

    Admittedly, I found out these existed only recently. And I must say, they just look amazing! I am blown away. Can anybody tell me more about these, e.g. I guess it's a copper coating upon an x metal frame, right? I suppose pure copper would be too heavy (and if it wasn't an alloy, also too...
  24. xmetal40

    Changing up the display case

    Just wanted to change it up.
  25. Dorig Dokkens

    Traded Mars Michael Jordan

    I’m looking to trade these for Romeo 1’s of the same value. I don’t have a box or coin.
  26. Xformr

    Sold Penny OO Red Iridium Polarized lenses

    Fresh custom cuts by the Optical Champ! These were supposed to end up in an XS, but fit was small, so I had them cut to fit Penny. They were mounted once in XS form, but never worn outside. Mint condition, 9.5/10, absolutely beautiful OO Red Iridium Polarized lenses. Asking $95 OBO shipped...
  27. Lars

    Traded My Penny for your xx x-squared

    Traded This is a good custom project or daily wearer. Needs a nose bridge tune up but to me it is usable. Has new custom cut Prizm daily from chris a hardaway and new small nose pieces. Pm me with what you got.
  28. Lars

    Some new lenses

    I got some lenses from @Chris A Hardaway today as always excellent. Prizm daily for the penny BIP for the x-squared. The DWP is also from him from before and moved them from the plasma frame to the carbon.
  29. Bredon8

    Found Penny nose buds

    Anyone have any? I bought mine back in 2001 and they came with two right-hand nose buds. Looking to correct that anamoly.
  30. Lars

    For Sale Julets and a penny

    Selling some new in box for a acquaintance. All sold.