1. Fernando

    For Sale Bruce Irons Dispatch Polished Black / Grey Polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale my dispatch Bruce Irons, the glasses are used, frame is very good, the lenses have wear marks and the left lens have scratched, when you have them on it does not disturb vision or is appreciated, comes with the UK flag Microbag and the red icons of the set case. Frame...
  2. SolarOracle

    Sold Pitboss Polished Black

    Up for sale is a Pitboss Gunmetal / Polished Black with VR28 Polarized lenses Frame is in excellent condition 9/10 and lenses 9/10 Comes with black microfiber bag $OLD shipped CONUS
  3. Fernando

    Sold Water Jacket Polished Black / Black Iridium Polarized #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this Water Jacket Polished Black with Black Iridium Polarized lenses, I have used them on rare occasions, they are in very good condition, the lenses do not have scratches, I changed the tape for some racing jacket earshoks is more comfortable to wear, comes complete with...
  4. Fernando

    Sold Monster Doggle Polished Black / Gold Iridium #SOLD

    Hello Of for sale this awesome doggle, the frame and lenses have signs of wear, the left lens has more marks than the right, came with matching box. SKU: 05-075 Frame 8/10 Lenses 7/10 Price: $95 allin #SOLD Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and shipping with tracking number and total insurance included...
  5. Fernando

    For Sale Monster Dog Polished Black w/ Black Iridium Polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale this precious monster dog polished black frame with black iridium polarized lenses, all is oem, I have used them two or three times, they are in perfect condition, it has no bumps or scratches, came with the white microbag. SKU: 12-804 lenses 9,8/10 frame 9,5/10 Price...
  6. Fernando

    Sold Scalpel Ducati Stoner27 - Polished Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale Scalpel Polished Black with Black Iridium lenses in used condition, the lenses have signs of wear but they are fine to continue using it, the rubbers and frame still in very good condition, red icons like new, came with the ducati microbag. Signature: Ducati Casey Stoner27...
  7. Fernando

    Sold Dispatch Bruce Irons Signature Polished Black / Grey Polarized

    Hello Of for sale a Dispatch Polished Black / Grey Polarized lenses, complete in like new condition, used only two times and displayed, came the box, icons, bag and papers. SKU: OO9090-08 Signature: Bruce Irons Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Price: $230 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal...
  8. Fernando

    For Sale Fives Squared, New - Polished Black / Grey - (4+1)2

    Hello OFamily for sale now the classic (4+1)2 Fives Squared, New - Polished Black / Grey lense in perfect condition don’t have scratchers, never used, came with mf-bag only. SKU: OO9238-04 FrMe 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Rubbers 9.9/10 Price $90 allin ( or best offer) Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees and...
  9. kjcolumbo

    Buying Frogskin LX Polished Black/Titanium Clear

    If anyone has a pair of these they are looking to let go, let me know. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but looking to replace a pair in the collection so my wife can use them as prescription frames.
  10. Fernando

    Sold Monster dog Ducati polished black w/ black iridium

    hello OForum for sale used monster dog Ducati, polished black frame with black Iridium lenses, in very good condition, perfect for delay wear, the lenses don’t have scrachers have little cleaning marks very low, dificult to get in the pics, nothing disturb the vision, the frame have sign of wear...
  11. Black water

    Buying PB2 polished Black daily Wear.

    Asian fit if possible... Something in good shape frame/lenses, don't need boxes etc... But it you have it, I'm ok Pictures and price PM. Me
  12. Fernando

    Sold Monster dog polished black w/ grey iridium

    hello Of for sale a monster dog polished black with grey Iridium lenses and plate icons, is used but in very good condition, the only bad is the logo in front of the frame is little peling 9,4/10 see the pics, the lenses and frame don’t have scrachers, came with a bag. Description: used...
  13. Nismoz32

    Devastating story

    Well, I came in here in hopes that someone could point me in the right direction of acquiring a pair of Eyepatch 2 Polished Black with Violet Iridium lenses, for tonight I grieve as I've had an extremely frustrating day, and in the midst of that I placed my beloved and favorite Oakleys on the...
  14. The_Darkone

    Sold C-Wire (New Style) 3-pair Bundle

    Selling three pairs of C-Wire, glasses only, as one bundle. Asking $180 USD for the bundle, includes PayPal G&S, shipping, and insurance for the shipment. No trades or International shipping. I would rate all three pairs 9/10 for the lenses. I don't see anything on them but someone may have a...
  15. 2

    What were your first pair of Oakleys?????

    For me......they were the polished black Gascan w/ black iridium lens. I can't remember the year but it was when Gascan's hit the market and were a HUGE hit. Share your first pair!!!
  16. Fernando

    Sold Monster doggle polished black w/ gold iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale monster doggie in used condition, frame polished black have sings of used, lense gold Iridium don’t have scratchers, gold icons, came with batwolf bag. Description: USED SKU: 05-075 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Batwolf bag 9,9/10 Price $150 $140 allin #SOLD...
  17. Fernando

    For Sale Half Jacket 1.0 polished black w/ black Iridium / silver icons

    hello again, like new half jacket 1.0 here, polished black with black Iridium lenses and silver icons, all is oem, and don't have used or defects, came with mf-bag only. All is 9,9/10 Price $130 $120 allin Paypal g&s, fees and shipping with tracking number included to all. Thanks for...
  18. Lupetto

    Sold Pit Boss 1 polished black vr28 bip

    In mint condition. 10/10 asking 500$ SOLD .shipped. Looking to also trade for a beater Pb1 for a project. Prefer a box including set with titanium or vr28bip or oobip maybe included in set. Pm me if you have a Pb1 beater to offer. Thanks!!
  19. Lupetto

    Sold Polished Minute machine

    polished black/white faced Minute machine. Used condition still looks great ! Comes with wood box plus cardboard white box from original purchase. 1,150$ plus shipping. Not looking for trades. Thank you for checking!
  20. Fernando

    For Sale Monster Dog polished black w/ grey

    Hello all I decided to sell other one of my dog collection, used very little, the lenses have very little cleaning mark but nothing bother the vision, look the pics. Description: used SKU: 05-020 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Price $135 $120 allin PayPal g&s and shipping included with...
  21. BakedTater

    Buying TwoFace Icons

    Just curious if anyone has any TwoFace icons for sale? I am looking ONLY for polished black icons. *Original Square TwoFace icons. If you have a pair of them and willing to sell them, please message me. Thank you in advance!
  22. Fernando

    Sold Scalpel polished black w/ fire iridium MotoGP LTD signature series SKU: OO9095-19 #SOLD

    Condition: Mint SKU: OO9095-19 Lenses 9,5/10 Frame 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,8/10 Hello all for sale awesome scalpel motogp signature, came with mf-bag only, don't have scrachers the frame or lenses, is used but in very good condition. Price: $150 $140 Allin, Paypals g&s, shipping with...
  23. Fernando

    Sold Jupiter squared polished black w/ fire iridium Valentino Rossi SKU: OO9135-11 #SOLD

    Condition: USED / MINT SKU: OO9135-11 Lenses 9/10 Frame 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 For sale Jupiter squared Valentino rossi, came with The oficial Valentino bag Is used But very low, the lenses have some cleaning marks and use but nothing serious nor to disturb the vision. Price $125 $120 Allin...
  24. Hellmut77

    Sold Pit boss 1 Matte Black BI LNIB Price dropped again

    Never worn , sitting in my case , trying to clear out the extras I have to make some room for a few different pieces . Both Come with all three boxes All 9/10 condition basically perfect Matte $sold g&s conus More pics coming
  25. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Polished Black MM

    During the Scratch/Reveal event I was lucky and picked up a 50% coupon so I snagged a few watches. This is the first up for sharing the benefit. Next are two Gearboxes. The price is $1100 plus shipping CONUS only. The price includes watch, state tax, and PayPal G&S fees. Not accepting any...
  26. Fernando

    Sold Like New Water Jacket Polished Black w/ G30 Iridium lenses SKU: 04-677

    hi O-family on sale this fantastic and discontinued frame Oakley water Polished Black with g30 Iridium lenses, have a couple of uses around, no mark of any kind in the lens or frame. are in perfect condition, like new, it comes with all accessories and polishing cloth. all Is 10/10 SKU: 04-677...
  27. Kkelsk44

    Buying Polished Black MM

    Looking for new or used Polished MM black
  28. thisguy


    For my 3000 post I will show my cabinet with my display. I have a single metal tower and a metal cube. Top shelf is the elite Pit Boss 1 collection: Matte black/black iridium polarized, Polished black/black iridium polarized, Matte rootbeer/tungsten iridium polarized, Tron/ice iridium...
  29. ChaseBorgstrom

    Anyone remember these?

    Does anyone remember these? I'm wondering how many pairs are still out there. These have never even been worn, kind of my babies you could say!:dance2:
  30. erap

    Oakley Holbrook Black Ink vs. Polished Black?

    How different are the black ink Holbrooks from polished and matte black? From internet pics it looks a bit glossy so somewhat similar to polished black?