1. K

    RED Kitchen Sink Tactical Field Gear Backpack - What could I sell this for? Unused/New condition, without tags

    Thank you. I believe the model # is 20-S1242-B. Never used, perfect condition but no tags.
  2. The_Darkone

    Global Price Increase $3

    Has anyone noticed or heard about the global Price Increase on Oakley glasses. All frames went up by $3. I see that SGH has it reflected on their site when looking at the Twoface glasses. Also my local O-Store has made the adjustments but I haven't seen it on yet.
  3. P - are they selling legit Oakleys?

    Hi, just interested if any UK members have ordered from before? The prices are easily £40 cheaper than any other website can offer, and even though they seem to be coming from Spain seems strange. Anyone know if they're legit? Thanks
  4. 702baby

    Carbon Blade Prices Goes Up

    Was browsing on the website and noticed all carbon blades went up by $50. Funny cause these pairs, even the Ferrari can't even hold their value. Anyone know if these actually sell well for Oakley/Lux?