prizm black polarized

  1. U

    Sold Penny Mate Black / Prizm Black Polar lenses / White rubbers #SOLD

    Hello OFamily I put on sale another of my customs penny this time the matte black frame with prizm black polar lenses, with the New tune-up on the nose bridge and the white linegear rubbers, all Is new and in perfect condition, It is created by @zwc0442 he have magic in his hands, come with the...
  2. S

    Radar Ev Lens Advice

    I am planning on picking up a pair of Radar Ev's and a spare lens and am trying to cover most of my bases of what I plan on doing with them. What I plan on doing with them is everyday wear and driving, but also for cycling/mtb-ing/running At this point, I'm pretty decided on picking up a Prizm...
  3. dgreener

    Different or fake Prizm Black Polarized?

    I recently purchased a pair of satin black fuel cells with PBP lens from a dealer so I know they are legit. Then I purchased a pair of Jupiter Squared with the same lens from ebay and the two lenses are slightly different. Quality seems the same but tint is different as well as jupiter frame...