1. U

    Sold Pink n' Purple Racing Jacket w/ +Red & P. Road

    Here's another custom creation of mine, they are certainly ready to make a loud statement haha. They're a number of colors here mixed between Magenta, Hot Pink, Royal Purple, Indigo & Sapphire, along with with some touches of white wear through or prior flaws that didn't allow the dye to adhere...
  2. U

    Sold Pink Fade Custom Frog Lites w/ Violet + Coast Frame

    $PF for Frog Lites $PF for Coast Frames Open to non-frog related trades. I've done a number of goggles over the years with this coloring method, but these were the first frames I took on, and it shows... As these had previously been worn prior to the coloring, they had some friction...
  3. U

    Sold Crystal Purple Frogskin

    Crystal Purple Frogskin with Violet Iridium Polarized. Asking $85>$60 plus shipping
  4. U

    Sold IH Fuel Cell

    IH Fuel Cell for sale, no box just micro and frame. These were just a shelf pair honestly can’t even remember if I had ever worn them. No frame marks or lens scratches. Asking $60 plus ship, no trades please.
  5. sally

    Half jackets + Ikon lenses

    Just purchased some gorgeous purple half jackets from a fellow member, I absolutely love the colour and the fit. Will be looking to fit some new lenses to them shortly. (Any suggestion on colour?) Also, purchased a set of lenses for my Oakley minute's 1.0. I thought I'd see how the Ikon lenses...
  6. U

    Sold Custom Monster Dog Pearl w/Black Iridium or some Purple! $drop/95

    For sale is a pair of Monster Dogs that are condition: New, but generic box. Price shipped US is $95. Frame: Pearl White (it does has a bit of metallic pearl) Lens: I put in purple walleva to match the icons, but they come with Oakley Black Iridium Icon: Purple Includes: Snowy MF bag and...
  7. U

    Buying Looking for BNIB/LNIB Infinite Hero Warrant Watch

    Looking to purchase the IH Purple Warrant Watch. Please send me a PM with what you might have. Prefer BNIB or LNIB. Thanks!!!