1. G

    Legit Check For racing jacket

    Legit check please!!!
  2. Tejada

    Sold Lot Jawbone Team Blue, Alinghi, Retina Burn, Racing

    Lot Jawbone Team Blue, Alinghi, Retina Burn, Racing. Jawbone Frame Team blue Frame in perfect condition, good condition tires, lenses with a few slight scratches. No marks or stains on the frame, the screws are intact. (Includes case, bag and Custom micro fiber box) Jawbone Frame alinghi...
  3. Tejada

    Sold Lot Frames Racing

    Lot Frames Racing Frames in good condition, no bumps, firm stems. the rubers of the stems are sticky. Striped lenses in poor condition. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos send me a message and I will reply as soon as possible (to see photos) Price $ 210 Free shipping Pay...
  4. O

    Buying Any motorsport/racing gear

    Mostly looking for shoes, I wear size 11.5-12 normally but I dont know how the race shoes fit. Also curious about any gloves, fire suits, helmets that. Most likely looking for size L. Thank you
  5. cacatman

    🦘Who else loves collecting Jawbones or New Racing Jackets?

    I do! And I know that these guys do, too!!:- @Beardo0628 @Brdmn70 @BoostBear @Chris169 @Chris515000 @Dallas O Hog @dh4645 @illumination @JawboneJuliet @lloydrose @MicahS @mjt42 @Nortika @oakleybezerk @pjd1234 @Raptor @Rcga32 @SoulFulFrog @SpliceD @the_owl @TheLug @Tidezealot @Wavecloud...
  6. Fernando

    Sold Racing blue w/ + red

    Hello all, for sale a racing blue frame with +red lenses in good condition, came with bag only, is used, the frame and rubbers perfect, the lenses have signs of wear but still good no need change in my opinion, is only for the blue one in the top of the pics . Lenses 7,8/10 Frame 9/10...
  7. J

    I love, love, love Oakley...

    Hi! I am new to this forum, relatively new to Oakley (followed for about a year) but really love the company, history and what it's about. I have 13 pairs of Oakley's currently, my favorite piece so far is a tie between my racing jackets, and Rio green fade Radar EV's... I am always wanting to...
  8. The Dark Gnat

    Sold lnob racing jackets.

    I am selling my black racing jackets with PRIZM trail lens. Frames and lenses are 9/10. I wore them a few times. Black frames, soft vault, trail Prizm lenses, microfiber bag, and head strap is included. $125 CONUS g and s all in. Will also ship to Canada for $5 more.
  9. marcio_RS

    Holeshot Red Bull Racing

    Hi guys, a friend have this holeshot, with redbull racing logo on the face and engravings on caseback. Any info about this edition? Thanks!