radarlock xl

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    Radarlock Deco plate not sitting properly

    I tried to interchange deco plates between my radarlocks, but now they are not sitting properly in the frame. Do anyone know how to fix it? Thanks.
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    Buying  Radarlock XL Jade

    Looking for Radarlock XL Jade lens.. If anyone has one for sell, let me know. Thanks.
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    Radarlock xl or radarlock pitch

    Is it radarlock xl or radarlock pitch? It looks like Radarlock xl but i am not sure
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    Buying  Radarlock xl oo red iridium polarized

    I want to buy oo red lens for my radarlock xl frame. if anyone in the forum want to sell please send me a message. Thank you.
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    Buying  Radarlock xl lens

    I want to buy an radarlock xl lens...is there anyone in this forum who would like to sell an black iridium or jade Radarlock XL lens?
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    Radar Blade lenses in radarlock xl

    Can i use radar blade lenses in radarlock xl?
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    Buying  Radarlock xl nose bridge

    I bought a radarlock xl black iridium lens long time ago..i first thought it was a pitch lens so I bought it.. I had no idea about that there was an Xl version of radarlock ... Now the problem is it doesn't fit my Cavendish radarlocks... So I really need a radarlock xl nose bridge...do anyone...
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    radarlock xl nose clip

    Where can I get radarlock xl nose clips?
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    Radarlock xl and Prizm trail

    I want to buy a pair of radarlock xl's ...two options are available here 1)Fire iridium polarized 2) Clear to black iridium photochromic.....so between these two what would be the best for versatile use ...I never had none of those lenses...and transition compare to prizm trail frequent in and...
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    Buying  Looking for a Radar Lock frame for a project price matters, color doesn't

    Hello, I am looking for a cheep radar lock frame for a hydro dip project. If you have one laying around and would like to see it re- live its glory please tell me what you have and what you would like for it. Pairs with a lens I don't already have will get extra consideration.
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    Removing radarlock bands

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could post a video on how to remove the bands on Oakley Radarlock. I've read the threads but I did not quite understand. If anyone who is able to remove them without damaging the frame or paint could post a video or a very detailed tutorial, I would be very...
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    How to paint text on frames?

    Hey, I was looking at painting some frames for my girlfriend for christmas. I have painted frames before so thats not an issue but I was wondering how to paint text on the frame? I want to write her name above the lens on a radarlock frame. I've tried looking at stencils but I'm struggeling...
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    Buying  Radarlock XL OO Red Iridium Lens

    Does anyone have this lens that they would be willing to sell? Let me know! This is the lens from the black pair.
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    Buying  Radarlock XL OO Positive Red Iridium Lens

    Does anyone have this lens that they would be willing to sell? Let me know!