romeo 1 box

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    Sold Romeo 1 Jordan (last price drop)

    Romeo 1 Jordan Frame and in excellent condition, with no scratches or signs of wear. rubber in excellent condition includes t-shoxs 15, 25, 50, 75 The lenses fit perfectly but have thick writing and it looks like they were cut off. Delamination and scratches 4/10 The box has signs of wear...
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    Found Complete R1

    Interested in a complete R1 Set: -Frames -Original Lenses -Box (Matching serial would be even better) -Coin Been in the game for a while, so ridiculous offers will be ignored. Thanks!
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    Sold Original Owner Romeo 1 with Box and Original Receipt and More

    SOLD Lowered the price because I just want to sell these. If you want to buy them let me know and we can discuss a fair price. Hello All: I'm selling my pair of Romeo 1's purchased in December of 2000. I have the original box, receipt, coin, bag, and extra rubber parts. The lenses are...

    Serialized X- Metal Unmatched Box/Frame lost and found list

    ** UPDATED 2/11/2018 WITH UNMATCHED BOXES AND FRAME INFO*** I was looking for something like this and didn't see one so I asked someone else that knows way more than I do if there was one and if he thought it would be a good idea and he agreed so here it goes. I'm sure there are a bunch of...
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    Never used or displayed. The vault is essentially like brand new. Foam 9.5/10 Metal 9.5/10 Retail Cardboard box 8/10 - has one small crease in the corner. Look in the picture. Asking $140 GS
  6. mjt42

    There cant be many of these....

    I bought an R1 and the previous owner had the foresight to leave the box seal intact... He opened the box at the opposite end without tearing or damaging the card. It can be reclosed leaving just some superficial creasing. The coin is even still in place. Shame the serial number of the...