1. Elvin Foo

    For Sale New Oakley Romeo Gen 1 Titanium Gold Iridium

    Hello everyone, I have a pair of beautiful low serial Oakley Romeo Gen 1 Titanium with Gold Iridium sunglasses for sale. They are just used for display and I haven't even tried them on. They have no discoloration on the frame and no stress cracks on lenses. Rubbers are very good as well...
  2. ooohoney43

    Traded Beater R2 for beater Juliet

    ***. TRADED .*** Good day everyone. This is my first attempt here on the exchange, I hope it goes well. I have an R2 in ok condition at best. Rubber Is usable but not great, lenses are shot and they'll need a tune up. I'm looking to trade for a similar pair of Juliet. I don't need...
  3. BHarry

    A little update...

    In the summer months I typically don't have a lot of time for posting because my job/life is very hectic. I do however find time to buy things… I figured I would do a long overdue update on some of the stuff I hadn't shared since this summer :beach: I was able to find a like new Stealth...
  4. brain739

    Sold Romeo I - Plasma With Fire; Amazing Condition, ALL Original (SALE PENDING)

    SALE PENDING Here comes another classic to add to your collection! Romeo I - Plasma with Fire Frame - Mint Lenses - Small stress marks, no marks or scratches Rubber - All mint Serial #: 001015 Includes: Original box (some wear, includes original foam, no warranty paper) Coin...
  5. J

    Oakley X-Metal Romeo Plasma Fire Identification/Rating

    Good evening all, I have a pair of Romeo 1 Plasma Fire's that I am looking to rate and identify fully. They have a 4 digit serial #, the original box with sticker, and matching serial (005625). To the best of my checking, they dont have any spiderweb cracking on the lenses due to the screw...
  6. Fernando

    Sold Romeo MJ xmetal w/ black iridium #5749 #SOLD

    Hello OFamily I decided to put for sale one of my Romeo Jordan, all is perfect, came with bag only, the frame and lenses don't have scratchers, I put the lenses off to prevent cracks in, all is original Mj oakley product, the red rubbers are original too. Description: very good...
  7. PitBoss

    Trading some items to trade

    guys, I want to see what interesting. Trades could be had. my current line-up of items I'm willing to part with are: Romeo 1, with absolutely no spider cracks or anything on the lenses. No blemishes on frame, and perfect original rubber. PitBoss 2 matte black with BIP as pictured. Worn once...
  8. Jacob Carstens

    For Sale PRICEDROP: R1 - XM/BI + extra OEM gaskets & rubbers.

    Hi guys, Selling my two R1s. XM/BI - frame is used but in very good condition. Only blemish I've been able to spot is a bit on the lower left orbital and one arm - see pictures. Original etched lenses have some marks and a bit of fading in the edges of the iridium but no spider cracks and still...
  9. R

    X-Metal size comparisons (no Freud intended)

    Pardon if this thread has been posted already, where might one find the lens/frame diameter of each of the following; Romeo, Juliet, Penny
  10. Elvin Foo

    Sold Romeo 1 Custom Cut Emerald Iridium Lenses

    Oakley Romeo 1 custom cut Emerald Iridium lenses by the legendary @Chris A Hardaway Condition: 9.8/10 Have been mounted on and used just twice. No scratches, spider cracks and no blemishes/marks on the lenses. For full disclaimer, only very very minimal mounting marks that cannot be seen after...
  11. DylFin

    For Sale Romeo 1s X 2!

    Hello all, I'm selling a couple of pairs of Romeo's, desperate to find new love and meet Juliet's for a long term relationship! No boxes, just the bags - 1 X 1st gen Ti/Gold - Frames = 8/10 some marks as expected on the early plasma finish, but really very good condition. Lenses = 7.5/10 a...
  12. G

    First romeo 1

    hello guys, today i bought this bad boy for only $$570, was it a good price for a romeo ? 2 gen with gold iridium lenses.. no serial number, i could say that the frame is like 90% and the lenses are 70%
  13. Fernando

    Sold New Romeo 1 titanium w/ gold iridium "1st gen - low serial" + xtras #SOLD

    Hello all, I decide to put for sale one of my spare Romeo titanium is Brad new condition and perfect, don't have any defect or mark, came with coin, Xmetal case, mf-bag, metal card holder, Oakley types in metal and metal display one tier, see the pics Is in the first 1500 units of the production...
  14. Fernando

    Sold Romeo Fire lenses 1st gen (OEM) #SOLD

    Hi All I decided to put for sale one of my spare oem Romeo fire lenses 1st gen, are new , only been installed in a frame and never without used , has always been exposed in the tower , the edge of the lens is a little peeling, when installed , is not noticeable when they are placed, don't have...
  15. WraithEye

    To my amazement . . .

    My story started in 1997 when I graduated from high school. I bought a Romeo set as a gift to myself. I had a set of Frogskins before, but fell in love with the metal Romeos. Then they were stolen out of my desk at work. So I graduated college with an Associates Degree in 1999 and did the...
  16. Elvin Foo

    Sold Oakley Romeo 2.0 Custom Cut Torch PRIZM lenses

    Hi All, For your consideration. Lenses have no scratches except for minimal mounting marks. Looking for USD110, shipping inclusive.
  17. Amak.2DK

    Buying Looking for Beater X Metal

    Hi everyone, First time posting in the Oakley Exchange section, anyways I'm starting to have a addiction collecting these awesome X Metal. Therefore I'm on a search for any Beater pair's so I can restoration on my own. Currently Looking for: Mars Crater Penny Juliet Juliet xx X squared...
  18. Foldupcup

    Buying Romeo Fire Lenses

    Hey all. Looking to get a pair of Romeo lenses for a friend. Please let me know if you have any and how much you're looking for them. Cheers!
  19. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Romeo Jordan - SOLD

    R1 Jordan, frame straight and tight everywhere, OEM lenses have stress cracks and some scratches, but nothing that affects vision when wearing. All OEM, including rubbers. Earsocks showing their age, so I will include a mint set of OEM Ducati Earsocks. It's in overall good condition, and priced...
  20. saulsaul

    For Sale Saul's XMetal Sunglasses

    Welcome to Saul's XMetal Sunglasses Sales Thread! This thread will be the home of Saul's XMetal sunglasses sales. Additions will be announced in the thread title. Please read these details carefully: All prices in US$ Shipping from Japan using EMS, tracked and insured. I ship anywhere. Check...
  21. iamFLIP

    Sold Romeo 2.0 -- Carbon/bi and polished/ti

    I have here a pair of polished frame with Titanium lenses Romeo 2.0 The frame and rubbers are in excellent condition. The bridge is still tight. The lenses, however, have scratches (highlighted in the pictures) that may or may not affect your vision. Sunglasses and mf bag only. $OLD via USPS...
  22. LuckyPunk

    My Second X-Metal is finally wearable

    Picked up My first Romeo V1 Serial 37674. But left in the box (No place to display yet) due to the fear of further cracking the lenses. @Chris A Hardaway hooked me up with some Violet Iridium replacements. And my romeos can finaly be put to good use!
  23. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Romeo 1 X-Metal / BI - OEM

    Hello Folks: Next up for sale is an all OEM R1 XM. Lightly used, but in fantastic shape. Frame is in extremely clean condition, lenses are awesome & near mint; I can't see stress cracks or scratches. Only one tiny little dot on the right lens that's not visible when wearing. Rubbers are like...
  24. BHarry

    Been busy...

    I went on somewhat of a buying spree recently. There are many good reasons to get a new pair of glasses. "I have been looking for these for ever" "but it was such a good deal" Or the combo… "How can I pass on that deal, I have been looking for those forever" I had my share of all of those...
  25. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Various X-Metals (R1, XX XM, XS OO BIP, Juliet Black Tie) & more

    I have put together a consolidated thread of almost everything that I am selling. I am travelling right now, so I will add all pictures on Monday when I get back home. Some I have on my phone so I'm adding right now Prices include Shipping ConUS, G&S (for seller protection I can only ship to...
  26. saulsaul

    Sold Romeo Jordan Full Set Matching

    Romeo Jordan - Full set, matching serial, all original parts - Frame - 9.5 (near-mint) - Lenses - 9 (one minor iridium graze, doesn't affect vision, no spider cracks) - Box - Foam is good. Box is beaten up but holding together. - Serial matches box (handwritten Jordan style serial) $1,450 +...
  27. Chris A Hardaway

    Sold Romeo R1: Ice Iridium Custom Cut Lenses

    All items in bold are in stock! Most beautiful custom cut Romeo lenses are from Perfect 8.75 OEM Authentic base curve lenses. All of these have been tested to fit! ROMEO LENSES: Slate Iridium (New) $sold Black Iridium (New) $sold Ice Iridium (w pouch) $100 Get shipping in the USA for free...
  28. Wyatt17

    X-Metal Pricing

    Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and i am looking to pick up some X-Metals. I was wondering what i should be paying. I am looking a some Juliet Corvettes and some Micheal Jordan Romeos. What ballpark should I be paying for each?
  29. saulsaul

    For Sale Saul's XMetal Sunglasses

    Welcome to Saul's XMetal Sunglasses Sales Thread! This thread will be the home of Saul's XMetal sunglasses sales. Additions will be announced in the thread title. Please read these details carefully: All prices in US$ Shipping from Japan using EMS, tracked and insured. I ship anywhere. Check...
  30. Ethan Pang

    Been trying to find myself a pair of Romeo R1's

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new here, and I've started my collection of Oakleys for a few years. I've always been a fan of the R1s, but as you all may know they've been discontinued for many years. I've always been very sketchy on buying them through ebay or online websites. Anyone have any...