rust decay

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    For Sale  Trying to buy a home sale! Please help where you can! A LOT of Super solid pairs! UPDATED

    Hey All, With the current housing market I am trying to buy me and my wife a home! With a baby on the way I have to part with some of my favorite pairs of shades. I have been an Oakley Collector now for 12 years and absolutely love it. I hate to see these go but really need to find a way to...
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    Sold  New Juliet rust decay / fire iridium #SOLD

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome custom Juliet rust decay frame with fire lenses by @zwc0442 one of the best artist of this house, in new condition and never used, have new linegear white rubbers, came with rust microbag and the xtra white rubbers. frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Nose...
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    Sold  Juliet & penny Rust Decay w/ fire iridium lenses

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome custom pieces by zwc0442 one of the best artist of this house, Juliet and penny rust decay with fire lenses, new condition and never used in the pics don’t have the rubbers installer but I put a bnew rubber on each pair, came with microbag only. Lenses 10/10...
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    Sold  Fallout Breadbox

    I really like these but they’re not my style I’ve tried to wear them a couple times but I just can’t get past the fit on me. Letting go for cheap. $120 plus shipping.
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    For Sale  Package $500 PB2, Rust Breadbox, Bottlecap

    Hey everyone! Selling my Pit Boss 2, Rust Decay Breadbox, and Stealth Green Bottlecap as a package! $500 (plus shipping) for everything includes all original packaging for every item. Message me if you have questions or are interested! Thanks! EDIT 11/25/17- Big Update to this sale, since I’m...
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    For Sale  Pit Boss 2, Rust Decay Breadbox, Tactical Clip.

    Both frames include all original packaging. The Breadbox has never been worn, the Pit Boss has been worn id say less than 10 times if I had to take a guess. TACTICAL CLIP- $65 PIT BOSS II- $360 BREADBOX-$360 Price does not include shipping. Thanks!
  8. hockeyguy

    Need help- DIY rust decay

    So I haven't posted here on since I created my account, I work for Oakley and refer to this forum a lot for reference. I now am seeking help, I'm wanting to rust decay a couple frames I have (haven't officially decided which ones) and have no idea how to do it. I've searched the internet for...
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    For Sale  A lot of my collection. Make a fair offer and it's yours.

    Student loans are killing me so I have to eat the bullet and sell some pairs of eyewear. Flexible on prices but no low balling please. 1:BNIB Ferrari Carbon blade with ferrari signage. $350 OBO shipped to the U.S. 2: BNIB Rust Decay Breadbox $270 OBO shipped to the U.S. 3:BNIB plasma madman...
  10. rml0015

    Fuel Cell Rust Decay $399.99 on 6pm

    Just noticed that 6pm has the rust decay FC in stock at about at 40% discount. I would buy them buuuuut I don't have $400 just laying around right now unfortunately. Link below! Oakley Fuel Cell
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    For Sale  brand new x-metal vaults (rust decay)

    i have two brand new rust decay x-metal vaults that i wanna sell because i have no use for them. $100 EACH g&s paypal, shipped CONUS. pics to follow
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    Sold  Like New Rust Decay Metal Case - GONE

    Selling one of my 3 rust decay cases. Like new OEM Rust Decay Metal Case. In mint condition. These are slightly larger than the Xmetal vaults, so they fit all the xmetal models in it. Price $150 includes shipping ConUS, Paypal G&S (will ship only to the address provided by PayPal, if not...
  13. headpatrolman

    Pit Boss II & Breadbox Fallout Collection (Rust, Bronze & Black Decay)

  14. dr.chop

    Crusty, Rusty and oh so cool

    How's this for a Rust Decay gnarly finish haha!! The Inmate, stand and case all rusted to the bone.
  15. Ray Tuley Jr

    Rust Decay Radars

    So I had a pair of beat-up paint flaking Radars that were given to me because the owner was tired of paint flakes on his face, I started with the previous post easy paint removal and had almost talked myself out of trying the rust decay project since the frame's came out Clean shiny molded...
  16. RonkPM

    My Experiments In Rust

    After seeing the Fall Out Rust Decay line, like others, I thought to reproduce it. After plenty of experimentation here is what I started with and have been trying different techniques to see what happens. I used a special paint with iron in it and have been playing with different clear coats...
  17. FrogTastic

    Rust Frogskins

    Hey, Saw these on Instagram and thought they were awesome. Anyone else done anything like this?
  18. Supero100

    Rust Decay Fuel Cell And Breadbox Pricing

    I was just told $500. !!! My questions are: Does this include the pre-purchase dinner? Do they come with anything extra in the box to justify what appears to be particularly egregious overpricing? $500. ??!!?!? I was formerly pretty psyched to grab these...