1. blazee

    oakley red code

    hi, im new on this forum ! i’m currently looking for oakley red code 4.0 ( called switchback ) in every colors, i prefer a size UK10, 44 or 45 EU. but i’m open to other size. i will be avaiable to talk about the price.. Thank you 🙌🏽
  2. U

    Buying  New Chop Saw

    What’s up aficionados, Looking for them new models. Black, green and white. Size 9.5. Tried scoring them online but my size was sold out the minute it dropped. Thanks!
  3. U

    Sold  Variety of Shoes

    Selling some Oakley shoes that I just don't wear anymore. 7 pairs of shoes total; 5 pairs of Flip Flops, 1 pair of slip on shoes and 1 pair of golf shoes. All are either size 10 or 10.5. Flip flops have been worn, but are still in relatively good condition. Slip ons which are called Bivouac...
  4. L

    Looking for Oakley Red Code 0.4

    Hi there, I’m looking for a pair of Oakley Red Code 0.4s (preferably in the brown or the white colourway) I’m a UK10 - I’m unsure if these shoes fit TTS so if I could have some help with that I would appreciate that also.
  5. V

    Oakley switchback shoes

    What does everyone know about the Oakley Switchback Shoes?
  6. Madscience

    Oakley Flesh x Braindead

    Oakley bring back the flesh model in collaboration with LA creative store Braindead. This pair sees plastic modifications to the toebox and heel wrap, a fluffier than normal suede upper and two tone outsole. A very anticipated release for any Oakley footwear lover, did they do a good job? I...
  7. W

    My GF’s vintage Oakley shoes

    Not sure the model, I’m sure someone here could ID in the thread. My GF just picked these up at a yard sale, look like they’ve never been worn. Very cool! Already her favorite shoes.
  8. U

    Buying  Any motorsport/racing gear

    Mostly looking for shoes, I wear size 11.5-12 normally but I dont know how the race shoes fit. Also curious about any gloves, fire suits, helmets that. Most likely looking for size L. Thank you
  9. U

    Buying  Stride Running Shoe

    Looking for a pair of the Stride Running Shoes, size 11.5-12 if possible. Missed out on these and want to give them a try. I’d also consider any color.
  10. U

    Sold  Stand Shoes 89-062

    Stand Shoes 89-062 Big stand price $ 45 small stand price $ 35 Package 1 large 2 small Price $ 95 (new) Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal
  11. U

    For Sale  Shoe One Black with matching box

    Shoeone Black size 12 with matching box, no issue on boots and the bottoms appear to have little, if any wear - these may technically be new, I don't know - they are a size too big for me. They are very clean, with the original laces included. $225 shipped CONUS PP G&S and/or best offer, also...
  12. U

    For Sale  Oakley Shoe One Silver High

    Appropriate for someone who wants a pair just for their collection, not necessarily to wear, maybe to sit on top of their cab... Does not include any laces, only the boots, as shown. Size 13.5, stitched and used but no stink. The kevlar boots and soles are actually in great shape. No issues to...
  13. J

    What Sneakers Are These?

    Have this brand new pair of sneakers but I don't actually know what they are... My roommate said I could have them when he moved out, I know they're made by Oakley he worked there full time for a while...but I can't seem to find them online.
  14. U

    For Sale  new oakley ENGINE 12, FLAK 1.2 AND BUNKER MID SHOES

    New with box Flak 1.2 size 10 I have 3 unit size 12 I have 1 only $220.00 plus shipping --------- Engine size 12 only $210.00 plus shipping --------- Bunker mid I have 1 in 9.5 and 1 size 10 Price $250.00 plus shipping
  15. zoltanps

    My Oakley Golf Shoe Arsenal!

    Hey Oakley lovers, here is my small collection of Oakley Golf Shoes I have obtained in the last two years! Hope you like them! The University of Georgia Carbon Pro 2 shoes were actually made for Bubba Watson! Check out the tag! Obtained from someone who worked at HQ! The Carbon Pro 2 are...
  16. U

    For Sale  oakley bark shoes

    New with box $82.00 plus shipping size 9.5,8.5,10,11
  17. U

    For Sale  Oakley bullet shoes

    New AUTHENTIC oakley bullet shoes $260.00 plus shipping price firm Gray size 11, 12, 13 black/green 11,12,13
  18. U

    Buying  Shoes, teeth4/bullet

    looking for some new kicks. Really want the ones pictured below but anything of the kind would be considered. Size US11
  19. U

    Sold  New oakley Teeth 4 shoes size 11

    New oakley men shoes Teeth 4 $220.00 plus shipping
  20. Sir Rossi

    Oakley as a military boot?

    Hey all! Just got my acceptance to the Air Force Academy this morning, and I'll be having to buy some boots for basic training this June. Any of you in the military deal with Oakley boots before? Or should I stick with the more traditional brands? Thanks in advance!
  21. U


    NEW 100% AUTHENTIC ONLY ONE PAIR SIZE 11 $255.00 free shipping to USA
  22. Sir Rossi

    Am I playing this Ebay situation right?

    Okay so if any of yo remember, I was offering up a pair of my Hologram Foamposites on the forum here. No one was biting, so I threw it up on Ebay. Buy it now 350, Starting Bid 260. Bidding is at 275 right now, and I get a PM from someone looking to buy them outright. through texting, I tell him...
  23. Sun & Sand

    Size 11 Shoe One low tops on eBay

    A seller on eBay, us-treasurehunter, has two pairs of size 11 Shoe One low tops currently listed with a Buy It Now price of $200. This seller has sold 8 similar pairs in the last year or so, always with no box or paperwork. I just wanted to point out one detail about these shoes: the uppers are...
  24. Crazy Alien

    Oakley Brazil - Camo Shoes

    Look my friends Oakley Camo Shoes Made in Brazil Flak Low - Olive Camo Flack Low - Desert Camo Flack Low - Desert Camo + Bônus t shirt Medusa Brazil YOU LIKE ?
  25. Mad

    New member searching for old Oakley shoes

    Hi all! I am new to the Oakley world. I have a close friend who has worn his all black Oakley Flesh shoes for 15 years, since they were manufactured in the early 2000s. Naturally, they are a bit worn out, but he refuses to wear anything else. I am desperately searching for a pair of these to...