1. C

    Spare arms turbine

    Hello I have a pair of Oakley turbine sun glasses and one of the arms is missing. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement arms or set of arms.
  2. L

    C-Wire earsocks

    Hi all New to the forum both owner of Oakleys for several years. I have a couple of pairs of C-Wires (2011 '4046' style) but the ear socks are starting to go on them. Does any one have any idea where I can get replacement ear socks and possibly nose pads as well? Waiting to hear back from...
  3. Carrera1963

    Nice to have a stash!

    Not been around this part of the forum for a while, but got me thinking about lenses etc I have that aren't mounted. So I dug the old stashes of lenses and rubber out. Most of the lens boxes have two pairs in, rather than just one, I prefer them boxed up like that to having half of them loose in...
  4. P

    Hi everybody! Any UK Oakley enthusiasts?

    Hi guys, I've bought some flak jacket standard lenses and I'm wondering how to obtain a Flak Jacket 1.0 complete frame with arms etc in black? Preferably within the UK. Does anyone here on the forums sell them or have a spare frame lying around? Or would it be best to contact Oakley and see...
  5. U

    Sold  X-Metal Box - NO Glasses - Just A Spare Box!

    Hello X-Metalheads, up for sale a used empty X-metal box . . . what you see in the pictures is what you could get! just let me know if you need more pix for your decision! asking price is US $ 45,oo shipped (international and trackable) Half X - Carbone with Black Iridium - SKU# 04-141
  6. XMetalAddict

    Spares & Repurposing Section To Forum

    This is just a thought that occurred to me whist looking at @MysteriousRacerX post on spares and repairs. Has anyone ever raised the possibility of having a section for a "Scrap Metal Exchange"? A purpose built section dedicated to post bits from doomed X-Metals and giving them an outlet to...