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    For Sale  4x Split Jacket lenses

    Top to bottom: (All oem) -Persimmon vented 10/10 new -Clear vented 10/10 new -Infinite hero used 5/10 (still usable) -Ducati clear 7/10 (some peeling on the inside, overall good) All 4 sets $150 shipped worldwide.
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    For Sale  Wind Jacket Black / Silver Ghost Text w/Clear 009142-02

    • frame, temples: 9,5/10. Can’t spot anything • Thru bolts tiny mark on left one • lenses: 5/10: both used. Grey as pictured, clear quite scuffed • Rubbers: 10/10. All good, gasket included • Comes with mf bag, standard soft vault, and second set of nose bombs price lowered USA...
  3. KJFuerst

    Split jacket w no name on left arm

    Bought these sj off ebay got a good price. They seem to match all the markers except they dont aay split jacket on the left Arm. Just the serial. They came with 2 sets of lenses both are rx lenses oddly enough they are almost my rx. Ive looked loke crazy the past 10 hours and found not one...
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    Sold  Split Jacket

    Dark Grey uppers are in excellent condition minus 2 tiny small marks one on the left arm other on the nose. Light blue jaws are in excellent shape. White bolts have a tiny scratch on one of them & purple icons are in clean shape. Black oem rubbers are new. +Red Iridium Polarized lenses are in...
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI

    Hello OFamily for sale this awesome IH Split Jacket Carbon with Grey and Violet Iridium lenses, is used, still in very good condition, The black left lens has a fine line that you cannot see when you wear them you can see it in the photo, the violets have signs of use but very little, they are...
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    Sold  Split Jacket Matte Black W/G40 / Black Iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale this like new split jacket mate black with the black and the G40 lenses, don’t have scratchers or defect the frame or lenses, and comes with the bag and the case, all is oem. SKU: OO9099-01 frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 G40 lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price: $165 the glasses + $35...
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    Sold  Split Jacket Polished White W/Light Grey / Ice Iridium #SOLD

    Hello OF for sale this Split Jacket Polished White W/Light Grey / Ice Iridium, They are used but very well cared for, the lenses are very good, the frame is in perfect condition, the gray lenses have some cleaning marks but it is very little and superficial, they are not noticeable when you wear...
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    Buying  Double thread, please delete

    Double thread, please delete. My apolologies!
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    Found  RJ/Jawbone/SpJ bolt cap, white

    got it. Please lock/delete
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    Sold  Split Jacket Lenses

    Split Jacket Lenses Brand New Split Jacket OCP lenses. Positive red $50 SOLD Black Iridium $45 Persimmon $35 Clear $30 Yellow $35 G40 $40 G30 $45 Vr28 $40 If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible Free shipping to USA...
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    Sold  Custom Green Split Jacket

    Another custom Split Jackets done by yours truly in a shade of green & warm grey, with a pretty clean set of Fire ird vented lenses. There's some minor flaws, though wouldn't need any additional tlc in order to be daily worn as-is, they'll come with microfiber baggy & head strap. There's a photo...
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    Traded  Split Jacket Brown-Blue Fade Raceworn

    Up for your consideration are two more custom creations by your truly, was inspired by the baby blue n' chocolate brown fade crowbar goggles 02-844. Become opposite twins with another forum member, or take em both for your own enjoyment. They are not exact opposites of one another but not too...
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    Sold  Split Jacket Fire Ird Lens

    Split Jacket Fire Iridium Lens $55 Shipped in CONUS $70 Shipped in CONUS $65 obo Shipped in CONUS Trade interest for Jawbone replacements lens would take donors for JB or CC Toric set would work as well used is fine, so long there's not a whole lotta scratchers VR28 BIP | OO BIP | OO RIP |...
  14. U

    Sold  SPF Split Jacket Black Ghost Text frames

    Excellent condition and always kept in a hard case when not being worn. Rubbers are excellent and there are virtually no signs of wear on these frames. I've hard them for a couple of years, and as much as I LOVE the Split Jacket frame, especially the polished black and ghost text, they just...
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    Sold  Lot Frames Split jacket

    Lot Frames Split jacket Frames in good condition, without bumps, firm stems. The rubbers of the stems are sticky, Lenses to scratched in poor condition. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. (to see photos) Price $...
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    Sold  Split Jacket Ghost Text / OO BIP + HI Yellow

    Icon - Black Sock - Black Bolt - Metallic Grey/Black Speckled Lens - OO BIP vented Lens - Yellow vented No major blemishes to the upper + temples, the jaws have some very light wear on the inner portions which aren't apparent while worn nor on display; I've tried to best highlight them in the...
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    Traded  Split Jacket Beater ~ Raceworn Purple

    Split Jacket Beater ~ Indigo-Purple / Black Raceworn Jaws were lightly wet sanded and finished a matte hammered clear coat. Frames were dyed several times worn down with ISO and pad, matte hammered clear coat wet sanded a bit and finished in matte clear coat. Arms have play in them, no snappy...
  18. U

    Sold  Infrared / Black Split Jackets

    MPH Infrared / Black Split Jackets in very good condition Icons and bolts are blemish free. Socks have some wear but should still be fine to use as-is. Jaws have some hairline wear on the underside of them, while the frame's only visible wear is on the outside surface of temple's tip eyelets...
  19. U

    Buying  Racing Jacket / Split Jacket - Beater Frames

    Have cash or could offer some trades, let me know what you have. Complete Beater Used Upper/Temples Jaws/Bolts/Icons Particular interest in Pearl White BMX Chrome Team Colors Matte White Silver / Gray Thanks
  20. O

    2 frames I painted for a couple of my friends

    Still getting a feel for how to use the airbrush but I'm happy with how these turned out for now. If anyone has any tips they are definitely welcome
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    Sold  Pearl Jawbone w/ (2) Black Ird + Yellow + Polar Purple | Trade 4 Split/Racing Jacket

    OCP Pearl White Jawbone w/ Black Iridium Vented Lenses Looking to trade them for Split Jacket or Racing Jacket to utilize wind gasket with, otherwise looking to sell. For Trades - I can include BI vented lenses + Revant Solid Polar Purple lenses, or none... Up to you if you want to include...
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    Sold  BNIB IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI

    Hello OFamily I sell this preciousness, I kept it for me but I think that in the end I will not enjoy it so if someone wants to release it, this jewel is new, without defects, without use and without exposing it, it has been keep all this time, is complete with its box, spare parts, papers and...
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket carbon w/ IH-VI IH-GI and BIP complete

    Helll OF for sale this awesome IH split jacket Came with all, the IH box, papers, black case, IH bag, extra nose pads, all except the IH pin :( I don’t know we’re is, is used but in very good condition the violet lenses have more wear but still good for use, the black IH is better and don’t have...
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    Sold  Split Jacket, SJ lenses, RX Overlord Ti

    All gone, nothing to see here.
  25. U

    Sold  Custom split.. heat sensitive paint..

    Looking for 125 these I did for my son but he never picks them to use.. maybe I got the color wrong. Lenses are fire vented but they are prob a 5/10. But some would say ...."bro your crazy these are like a 7/10"...but I dont wanna over rate them at all... totally Usable but I would...
  26. U

    Sold  or TRADE: Split Jacket Photochromatic lenses

    Clear to Black Photochromatic Transitions Lenses only. Got these with a frame and not my speed. Perfect donor for most X-Metals. 9/10 condition only because they have been mounted. There is a tiny dot in the center right lens that I barely got the camera to pick up. Doesn't affect vision and I...
  27. U

    Sold  3 Split Jacket Beaters $170

    3 Split jacket the lenses are in regular condition, the frames with small scratches. Any doubt I will resolve it with pleasure. Pay by Paypal free shipping in the united states
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    Sold  LNIB IH Split Jacket

    For sale is a complete, mint condition Infinite Hero Split Jacket. Comes with everything: Box (the good one) Pin Paperwork Spare nose bombs IH bag Grey lenses (never been mounted) Ballistic case I’ll also throw in an IH sticker ;) Absolutely perfect condition. A great display piece! Looking...
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    Sold  Split Jacket / OO Black Iridium Polarized, Yellow, & OO Red Iridium Polarized

    I picked these up a while ago and had hopes as a project pair. Just don't think I'll get around to it. The lenses also make great donors for X-Metals. Everything is in fantastic condition and extremely minor signs of wear, if any. The box itself may have seen some better days. Only large nose...
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    Sold  IH Split Jacket

    Hi everyone, I am putting up for sale a pair of IH Split Jacket. Here are the details for your consideration: Frame: No visible nicks/scratches that I could see Lenses: There are some light surface scatches, more so on the etch one as compared to the other. They do not affect vision. There...