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    Sold  Stealth Time Bomb with Original Box and Vault

    Well, it's finally come time to sell my Stealth Time Bomb. It has just been sitting in the vault/box for years now. Honestly once I switched to an Apple watch, I just don't find myself wearing anything else. Watch is in excellent condition!! Tried to capture as such in the pictures. If you...
  2. V1P3R_Z029

    Oakley Sliver Stealth vs. Oakley Sliver Asian Fit: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

    Hi everyone, So I first discovered a pair of Oakley Sliver sunglasses waaay back in Feb 2020 tried on the 'Asian Fit', which I'm still on the fence whether if it's too small or not for my face size (pic below as reference). Anyways, I've sorta finally decided to purchase a pair this year. But...
  3. U

    Sold  Judge 1 stealth black / black face

    Hi there, as my Minute Machine is almost out the door, my Judge 1 Stealth black with black face is next. I have worn it maybe 30 times in all those years. Ther is only one noticable scratch (<1mm) in the bracelet on the link directly connected to the casing (below the dial, see photos)...
  4. U

    Found  Gold / Bronze Killswitch Bezel

    Looking for a gold / bronze Killswitch watch bezel. Thanks!
  5. U

    Sold  New Straight Jacket (Redline, Stealth, Blue)

    Redline Frame in very good condition, without scratches, the text of the bridge fades. Rubber in excellent condition. Stealth Frame in very good condition, without scratches or loss of paint. Rubber in excellent condition. Blue Frame in very good condition, without scratches or loss of paint...
  6. U

    For Sale  Straight Jacket, New - Stealth w/ Grey

    Hello OF for sale this awesome Straight Jacket, New Stealth with Grey lenses, is used but in very good condition. The left lenses have in the up a line but wen you wear you can’t see the right lenses is perfect, the frame is out marks and the rubber still like the first day, came with mf-bag...
  7. Esper

    What's the back story on the TBI Stealth?

    Hi, I recently saw an ebay auction for the TBMkI Stealth where the seller said only 1999 were produced. It sounded a bit suspect but anyway it set me thinking. What is the true back story to the Stealth TBI? And for that matter all the other variations of TB's? Anybody know or a link a thread...
  8. U

    For Sale  12 Gauge Stealth Full Set EU

    Hi everybody, I am not following the suggestions that I received on this forum and I am selling my 12 Gauge Stealth because I can't stand to see it everyday in its box. Full set with all original box and papers. I am not wearing it because I feel it's too chunky for my 16 cm wrist and in...
  9. mustangjt

    Stealth Black and Yellow Gearbox Floating Flakes

    Hello all! Just got a Gearbox I bought off the bay. It appears to be in great condition. Possibly never worn. One slight issue. I see some yellow flakes floating inside the watch. There a large sliver at 9 o’clock. A small one at 2 o’clock. And one at three. I shook it a bit and the one at three...
  10. U

    Sold  Oakley Stealth Crank Case Watch

    I have an Oakley Stealth Crank Case watch for sale-has some light wear on the clasp (picture below). Original box. Asking $125 including shipping- US Only
  11. U

    Sold  ***Price Drop***Stealth Killswitch Watch

    I have a brand new Stealth Killswitch watch for sale - includes box, white sleeve, and vault. There is an impression on the band, see photo, from the clasp when it was on display in my Oakley case. Asking $350>$325>$300 OBO PayPal G&S, shipping, and shipping insurance for price of sale. No...
  12. U

    Deal  Doubletaps - Black / Blue

    post for sale of 2 double taps. stealth and blue. pics in next post. thanks (hanging on to the stainless one.. maybe,... !!!!!) :focus-97:
  13. SiRacer420

    New Oakley Straight Jacket? What's going on here?

    I got this NSJ today and I'm not 100% sure what the color is. I bought it because I wanted the box. Its a Stealth Frame with grey lenses. Well I have two of those frames and no box so I got it. I say I have two of those frames because I checked OR when I got them and that's what it looked like...
  14. U

    Sold  Stealth Double Tap

    Stealth Double Tap for sale, not much use I’d probably say collective wear of two weeks. There’s a small scratch, not a crack, in the sapphire near the 9 position. Oakley could replace the sapphire I just never really wore it enough to remember that it was even scratched. Asking $400 plus...
  15. U

    For Sale  D1 Digital Watch - Stealth

    Looking to sell a D1 Digital Watch; Stealth edition. The watch is used and it does need a battery; will come will case as well. Please let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $75 shipped in the US.
  16. U

    Sold  LNIB Stealth DoubleTap Watch

    Actually its brand new, never been used or displayed. It was a backup to the one I wear but I have decided to part ways with it. Comes with original paper work, soft sided case, black box, and outer white sleeve. Still has the vanilla smell :) Asking $550 OBO USD PayPal G&S, Shipped CONUS...
  17. U

    For Sale  Summer Sale!

    Here come a bunch of pieces that I'm ready to move: Blade Watch - Stealth with Stealth Dial $325 I wore this for daily use for a few months. Everything still works perfectly but i has some wear on the bracelet and casing. Includes 4 extra links and the original display case. It's been...
  18. U

    For Sale  Watches

    Up for sale today I have a BNIB Stealth holeshot $250 BNIB Black dial transfer case Sold BNIB Stealth fuse box Sold Shipped CONUS
  19. U

    Sold  BNIB Stealth Double Tap Watch $450 Shipped

    Brand new, complete, unworn. $450 shipped to CONUS, international shipping will be $30 extra. Paypal fees included in price. NO TRADES.
  20. U

    Sold  LNIB Stealth Double Tap $475 and BNIB Blue Dial Double Tap $500

    I was selling these on separate threads but just decided to consolidate both in one thread. Went overboard with my spending so need these gone. LNIB stealth double tap worn 3 times, in like new condition. BNIB blue dial double tap. Both come complete with boxes and vault. $475 for the stealth...
  21. U

    Sold  ***Weekend Price Drop***BNIB Holeshot Stealth Version w/ Ubo Strap

    Selling a BNIB never worn Stealth Holeshot w/ Ubo strap. Please see below Asking $300 G&S or OBO. As you can tell from the pictures this watch is in perfect condition.
  22. U

    Sold  Stealth gearbox

    Hey guys I decided to sell my stealth gearbox. I bought off another member and decided I want a different watch (hollowpoint) lol. Watch is in really good condition a few small marks but nothing really noticeable. Band still smells like vanilla. I included some pics. I would like to get SOLD...
  23. U

    Sold  LNIB Stealth Double Tap Watch

    Selling a LNIB tealth Double Tap. Comes complete with everything. $500 shipped to CONUS, international shipping will be extra. Paypal fees are included in price. No trades.
  24. U

    For Sale  Crankcase Stealth Black / Red - BNIB & complete - PRICEDROP..

    Hello forum members, Looking to move this cool Stealth Black/Red Crankcase - SKU # 10-275 Brand new - never worn and still has protective plastic on front glass and back cover. Complete with inner box, papers and outer box. Outer box is not mint but still in very good shape. Asking 425 $ -...
  25. U

    Buying  Stealth Judge Links

    As the title says, I'm looking for a couple Stealth Judge 1 links. I'm almost positive the Stealth GMT would also work. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance!!