1. J

    How can i make hinges soft?

    I have Split spot silver. I washed it with water after using it last weekend. Now this is very stiff and noisy. Im scared that it might break. How can i get it to turn smoothy again? wd40??
  2. S

    Toretto sunglasses in this scene

    Hi i hope you cant help me find this sunglasses from this scene in the first movie
  3. Fremmy

    Prizm Road vs Prizm Sapphire Help

    Hi guys, I'm a cyclist who is really torn between the new flight jackets Prizm road and Prizm Sapphire lens. Has anyone owned both? Thoughts? Is the Prizm Sapphire the same lens and filtering for the snowboarding goggles? Do the sapphires work for road cycling? Or is the light filtering more...
  4. U

    Buying  Beater Pair | Cheap pair | Large Frames | Polarized / Prizm Lenses

    Looking to buy a cheap/ beater pair of sunglasses (don't mind what frames they are as long as they are larger), just need Polarized lenses, Prizm preferred. Need no scratches on the lenses, and LT like 15% or under for daily use. PayPal is all set up. Thanks.
  5. D

    Is Sunglass Oasis a legit site?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience buying from Sunglass Oasis online. Does anyone know if the sunglasses they sell are authentic or fake? They have great prices. They claim to be authentic, and seem to have an actual store in Florida. There's no TrustPilot or Google reviews...
  6. U

    Sold  MadMan/BadMan X Metal Display!

    Hey guys, I have a MadMan/BadMan X Metal Display for sale. Shipping and PayPal fee's are included to CONUS. SOLD Display comes with MadMan insert and BadMan insert. It is also made out of aluminum, not plastic. Measurements: 10" w x 6" t x 8 " d Condition: 10/10 First come with payment...
  7. U

    Sold  Jupiter Carbon: OO9220-04

    Hi Guys, I have a pair of "Like New" Jupiter Carbon OO9220-04 for sale. Condition: 10/10 I don't have the original bag or box, however, I do have a Headliner Text Hard Case and Black Micro bag to go with the sale. (Case and bag are brand new: 10/10.) Price includes shipping to CONUS & PayPal...