1. The_Darkone

    Sold LNIB Ferrari Tincan Carbon Complete

    selling a LNIB Ferrari Tincan Carbon w/ Ruby Iridium lenses. Only taken out of the box for pictures. Asking $125 PayPal G&S includes CONUS USPS Priority Shipping. No trades or International shipping.
  2. dh4645

    My small collection. Done for now.

    The wife has gold feedbacks, violet haze conquests, & game changers she keeps in her car. Her fives, fates & 1 other are being saved for the kid, since the wife thinks they are too small for her face... the ladies like the big lens styles, I guess In order of purchase new to old: Wind Jacket...
  3. GH4AU

    Ferrari Tincan Carbon: No Hard Case?

    Soooo... I received my Ferrari Tincan Carbon today and when I picked up the box, it felt awfully light. I just knew something was missing. I opened it up and found the sunglasses inside a Ferrari microfiber bag, but there was no red Ferrari hard case. I was a bit perturbed to say the least...
  4. joscejrod

    Ferrari Edition Tincan Carbon and Tinfoil Carbon

    In March, Oakley is going to release Ferrari version of that frames. I can't understand why oakley has chosen fire iridium (non polarized) for tincans and black iridium polarized for tinfoils (the same that badmans,madmans...)