1. U

    Found Tincan Carbon 6017-04

    Hi gang. I'm looking for a matte black/ice iridium pair of Tincan Carbons (6017-04 ) in mint condition. Prefer LNIB but I would consider a perfect condition pair missing the box as well. Fingers crossed!
  2. U

    Found Red Rubbers for the Tincan OO4082-09 Ferrari Edition

    I'm looking for the red rubbers for the Ferrari Tincan OO4082-09. I need a new set. If you have some replacement rubbers, please let me know.
  3. MexicanDLyte

    Garage Sale Find! Tincan Ferrari Scuderia

    Was walking through and spotted a lens in a pile of clothes @ a divorce sale! Noticed the Ferrari etched insignia right away! A little bent arm but since has been repaired. Not bad for $20 bucks!!! :smoke:
  4. U

    Sold LNIB Ferrari Tincan Carbon Complete

    selling a LNIB Ferrari Tincan Carbon w/ Ruby Iridium lenses. Only taken out of the box for pictures. Asking $125 PayPal G&S includes CONUS USPS Priority Shipping. No trades or International shipping.
  5. U

    For Sale Or trade:BNIB Tincan Ferraris

    First up: Carbon Carbon w/ruby iridium. Never used has been in box the whole time. Comes with the ferrari case and ferrari mf embossed bag. Asking SOLD Obro. Shipping and paypal fee included worldwide! Second is: Black Chrome w/black iridim Plrzd. Never used always boxed. Comes with the...
  6. P

    Ruby Iridium Lens Colour Question

    Hi, just new to this forum and to collecting in general so apologies if this is a silly question... Just bought myself a pair of the Ferrari Tinman Carbons with the ruby iridium lenses. I was expecting the lenses to be red/orange/gold like the pictures on the website but these ones have a big...
  7. Bronzefunk

    6pm.com - Gold Tincan for $86 & Tungsten for $113

    Oakley Tincan at 6pm.com those are some good percentage discounts for $190-$250 O's
  8. joscejrod

    Tincan Carbon 6017-02

    Could anybody that has tincan carbon in black satin/BIP put photos wearing them? I can´t try it in my town…thanks!!
  9. joscejrod

    Tincan Carbon Case

    Could anyone help me, please. I've watched a video on youtube about the unboxing of tincan carbon. In that video tincan carbon brings an oakley soft case vault but i thought that tincan carbons brings rigid case with the word "oakley" in front (hate this case, is ugly). Do you know what case is...
  10. Eastonatti

    New TinCan™/TinFoil™ Carbons And Sliver™ F

    Just a peak of the new Oakley TinCan and TinFoil Carbons and Oakley Silver F Sunglasses from the Oakley catalogue. If anyone has other information regarding these, post it up!
  11. Oakleydude44

    SI Tincans

    I called customer support for the SI site, but they didn't know, so does anyone have an idea of when the SI Tincans will actually be available to buy? I am hoping to have them in time for my trip back to Texas.