1. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed Mini Doublewide Oakley Cases

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed mini doublewide towers (printed to order). Measuring approximately 8.25x4.5", they're great for storing and displaying pins, coins, hotwheels cars or anything that's relatively small. Because of their size, these towers will fit on an Oakley case shelf...
  2. ZCForge

    My First Standing Display Case

    I’ve been looking for a tower for years, the problem is they were either way overpriced or too far away to justify the travel. I live in a pretty rural when it comes to these kind of things. Then, I stumbled across someone on a local buy/sell app a few weeks ago looking to sell a 3.0 double...
  3. U

    For Sale  Tower, stands, coin display....

    Some display items for sale and a caribiner. Price of items do not include shipping. Tower is local pick up only (Pittsburgh area). If you have questions PM me please. Thanks guys! Also ignore the temporary items I had to put in the case, I moved and almost all of my oakley stuff is still packed...
  4. SolarOracle

    Oakley 3.0 Countertop Display

    Made of Black Carbon Fiber Dimension : 18"x16"x31" Has four 14W T8 Fluorescent Lamps 4100K Cool White Lights are working properly.. very clean with no scratches Got it from a local Retailer
  5. U

    For Sale  Oakley Goggle Display Tower

    For Sale or Trade! Picked this up a little while ago but need to free up some space in my living room! It's all metal and a neat display piece if you're a skier or boarder, or alternatively the goggle holders an be removed only the shelves used. I have three pairs of goggles so it's a little...
  6. U

    Buying  Aluminum or Black Display Case

    Looking for a double wide or pair of towers. Aluminum preferred but will consider a 3.0 case. East Coast Jersey resident. Will drive and pick up. My shades are L"O"nely without a home!
  7. S

    Help needed

    Before I begin begin, I would first like to thank everyone who is able to help me out..... I bought a square o tower (97-727) recently and discovered that there were no led?? Bulbs fitted in the top, the fluorescent lights up beautifully in the Base, I have tried a couple off the supermarket...
  8. U

    For Sale  Double Wide Display Case

    I am looking to sell my double wide display case. The plexiglass is clean and the aluminum is not scuffed up. I installed LEDs into the case which are extremely bright. Unfortunately, I do not have a way to deliver this so the buyer would have to pick it up. Also, the locks on this are not keyed...
  9. U

    Buying  Oakley Tower (any style/size), Silver Oakley Poster Frame

    Hello, I am renovating my house and I am in search of an Oakley Tower/Towers. I will consider any size and style, but would prefer a double wide. I am located on the Saskatchewan/North Dakota border and will drive up to 12 hours in any direction in Canada or North Dakota to pick up (Minnesota...
  10. U

    Buying  Display Case (Small) for reasonable price

    Looking for a display case for a reasonable price. I'd prefer a smaller countertop case just to put some of my higher end pair in, but would consider a tower case if the price was right. The closer to Buffalo, NY the better!! Thanks!!