1. U

    Sold Triggerman Deep Water Prizm Lenses

    It's a Prizm Polarized lens and has a mirror blue finish. Asking $60 shipped obo Excellent condition. I can provide more photos upon request.
  2. U

    Sold Triggerman Prizm Deep Water Polarized

    Picked this Triggerman up to try to give the frame a shot for a few days, but are just not for me. To clarify, the stock Sapphire lenses were removed in favor of Prizm Deep Water Polarized. Polished Black Frames are 9/10, no signs of wear. DWP Lenses are 7/10. There are several minor scratches...
  3. U

    Buying Triggerman

    Hi gang. I'm looking for a few pairs of Triggerman... Triggermen? Must be mint condition but box is not a must. Specifically looking for: 9266-04 9266-05 9266-02 9266-11 9266-09 Let me know!
  4. R

    Torch Lens

    Hello, I'm looking to buy Torch Lens for Triggerman however they do not appear to sell them anymore. Would anyone happen to know of any third party alternatives that are close the original Oakley torch? Thanks
  5. U

    Buying Triggerman OO9266-11

    Hi all. I'm looking for a pair of Polished Black / Prizm Deep Water Polarized Triggerman (sku OO9266-11) at a reasonable price. Must be pristine but I don't need the box (unless you've got it of course). Don't want to resort to Ebay unless I have to :( Thanks!
  6. U

    Sold Triggerman Black/clear w/ Ruby

    I've had these for some time as a back up pair in the car, but haven't worn them in a long time. Frames 9/10 - I see no signs of wear, if any Lenses 7/10 - cleaning swirl marks and some surface scratches due to not storing in a mf bag (used the sunglasses holder above the car rearview mirror)...
  7. Deckdude

    Badman or triggerman

    Hey guys, i need some advice. I like the style of both of these designs. Im on the fence as to what pair to buy. I do plan on one of these being a daily wear. I know badman is metal and trigger is plastic. Trigger floats around $60-$100 while bad $200+. Does anyone have both and prefer to wear...
  8. U

    Deal Trading few or for sale: IH Valve,IH Radar, Radarlock,Triggerman

    Trading straight up pairs that I either don't wear often or just not liking the fitment. If you don't want to trade all are also up for sell $125 Each Radarlock, triggerman in final trading stage. Both IH available. [ACH=full]283784[/ATTACH]
  9. U

    Deal Triggerman

    Between Scottpenrith and Lee.s.b
  10. F

    Triggerman - what lens to get?

    Hi guys, i am new here. I am looking to get a new pair of sunglasses and looked at a few instore and liked the look and feel of the triggerman model (also liked the badman but a bit too expensive for my budget ). I am just not sure what lens to go for as I like them all somewhat. I do spend...
  11. U

    Sold 2015 Holiday Exclusive Pairs - Catalyst, Latch, Triggerman

    Selling the 3 holiday exclusive matte clear with Torch Iridium pairs. All BNIB and unworn. $110 ($OLD) each for the Catalyst and Latch ($OLD) . $130 for the Triggerman ($OLD). Take all 3 for $330. Shipping to CONUS and PayPal fees included in price. International shipping will be extra. No trades.
  12. U

    Buying Oakley Triggerman Holiday Edition TORCH

    Hi Everyone, Just considering purchasing the new Triggerman Torch version but unfortunately, it hasn't hit the shelves here at UAE. My next resort was the Oakley Store online and yes I tried there as well and unfortunately so, they do not ship the item international. So again I was a loser...
  13. BHarry

    I had to pull the trigger on a few things...

    My FIL wanted a new pair and I have been designated as his Oakley personal shopper. After some discussion, it appears Turbine is the one (this is pair number 7 I think!!!) A trip to the Vault along with BOGO yeilded his sapphire Turbines plus a Triggerman (I had to try the Torch despite the...