1. U

    Sold 3D Gascans

    Selling all my 3D Gascans. All are in near mint condition. Lens 9.5 / 10 and frame 9.5 / 10. All comes with box and bag. The Hobbit one will include the pin as well. Prices are as follows: Hobbit: + pin: $90 SOLD Tintin: $80SOLD Transformers: $210SOLD Tron: SOLD If someone wants to buy them...
  2. A

    Oakley Tron Legacy Backpack Value

    Greeting all I was given this bag by a friend to sell, according to him it's limited edition and he doesn't use it and can use the money Can someone please give me a ballpark of the value ? I don't want to undervalue his item I will post it in my group and on ebay when I sort out the value...
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    Sold Oakley Pit Boss Tron with Extra Sapphire lenses (from Europe)

    I spent too much money on my other collecting hobbies so I need to let a couple of my Oakleys to go. I bought these Trons from from Atticus here and start with his item description from that sale: I’ll stop short of calling these LNIB, but i can’t really find anything of concern. Lots of pics...
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    Buying Tron Backpack

    Looking to see if anyone has one they'd part with. Would prefer new with tags.
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    Found Tron Legacy Lego set

    Looking for new in box.
  6. U

    Sold Pit Boss 1 custom cut Sapphire prizm polarized lenses

    Got this done by @Chris A Hardaway a while back, were installed and wore them a few times, but not too much. They are in awesome condition. Can't find anything wrong with them Price $80 shipped USA
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    Sold PB1 Tron (Beater)

    Beater Pitboss Tron The Frame has scratches in different areas, at the end of the stems some slight dents. Plates with surface scratches, scratched logos. Lenses are not Oakley and has slight scratches. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos send me a message I will respond as...
  8. U

    Sold Pitboss 1 Tron

    Pitboss 1 Tron Complete with boxes and papers. The frame is in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. The lenses have not been worn but have tiny scratches 9.7 / 10 Boxes in good condition. Price $ 980 Express delivery by DHL insured 2 to 3 days in the US Pay by Paypal
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    Sold Pit Boss 1 Tron 24-204 Glasses Only **SOLD**

    Hello all! Looking to make my first sale on the Forum. I bought this as Glasses Only, no Tron microfiber bag or Tron Elite wooden Box. I recently found a complete set so I’ve decided to let this go. I’m not confident in rating but I’ll do my best to describe their condition. The right lens has...
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    Sold LNIB Tron Pitboss

    I have a like new Tron pitboss I'm looking to sell, I had a trade in place but haven't heard back from the guy that I was suppose to trade with, if I hear back from him before it's sold I'll close this. But for now I'm putting it up for sale. So basically BNIB but I wore it one time so LNIB...
  12. BHarry

    Tron Boss

    I was recently able to acquire a pair I didn't think I would ever own. They didn't have the outer retail box or the microbag and they had a few small marks on the etched lens. None of this was a dealbreaker for me because I intended to wear them! NSW...:superman: I know I have been recently...
  13. U

    Buying Tron microbag

    I am looking for said bag. I haven't found one for sale, so I am not sure about the going price.Any input is welcome. Thanks for looking and possibly helping out :superman: Open to trades... XM/Ruby Penny box?
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    Found PB Tron - COMPLETE..

    Hi guys, As the title says - I'm looking for a PB Tron. MUST BE COMPLETE... Let me know what you've got.. Preferably a US based pair - shipping to CONUS.. Thanks :)
  15. U


    Oakley Gascan - TRON - Polished Black with HDO-3D lenses SOLD
  16. U

    For Sale Tron Pit Boss

    Selling my Tron Pit Boss. Glasses have been worn a couple of times and are well taken care of. Comes complete with all three boxes and matching microfiber bag. Asking $775 shipped to CONUS. International shipping is $35 extra. Paypal fees are included in price. NO TRADES. Will post pics when I...
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    For Sale Pit Boss TRON - 800$

    Hi guys, I'm finally selling the PB i bought here on november 11, more than 1100$US ! Condition : Never worn, just displayed. Lens : 10/10. Frame : 9.5/10 ( last picture, unnoticeable hairline mark of 0.25 centimeters ) Hard case : 9.5/10 ( storage ) Box : 9.75/10 Price : 800$US PayPal G&S...
  18. thisguy


    For my 3000 post I will show my cabinet with my display. I have a single metal tower and a metal cube. Top shelf is the elite Pit Boss 1 collection: Matte black/black iridium polarized, Polished black/black iridium polarized, Matte rootbeer/tungsten iridium polarized, Tron/ice iridium...
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    For Sale Tron Backpack

    Never used. Has tags on it. 99% at the day it was purchased. Had thought of selling it as a complete set. That dream was smashed. ALSO Tron Gascan Link: For Sale - Tron Gascan | Oakley Forum Looking at 350 or OBO. Think its a fair price. Add 4% or F&F, your call. Located in So. Cal. No...
  20. U

    Sold Tron Gascan

    Selling a Tron Gascan that I thought i would need. Sold the PB Tron by itself so back to whomever is looking for one. Looking at 300 OBO. Not giving it away but will be fair. As others have done for me. 4% if you like or F&F. Your call. In So. Cal. Also the Tron Backpack. For Sale - Tron...
  21. U

    Buying Tron Gascan

    as title/subject says. Not sure price on item today. Figured if i cant sell my Pb tron then might as well go the other way (no comments) and get the complete set.. lol.. (still no bites)(one more week then f it).lol more of feeler but if its a good deal.. my bday is coming up. I love me. thanks...
  22. U

    Trading Tron PB for Ducati PB

    Going after my Grail! Looking for a ducati pitboss. For trade I have a tron pitboss. Also open to buying without a trade.
  23. lithiumus

    Protect PIt Boss Tron Lettering...

    So I've got a pair of Pitboss Trons and as shown in my sig... I'm not a shelf whore so I wear all my glasses... however, I am worried about the white lettering on the inner arm of my Trons getting worn down. I place my glasses on my hat when I'm indoors and I'm afraid of the constant friction...