1. U

    For Sale  Summer Sale!

    Here come a bunch of pieces that I'm ready to move: Blade Watch - Stealth with Stealth Dial $325 I wore this for daily use for a few months. Everything still works perfectly but i has some wear on the bracelet and casing. Includes 4 extra links and the original display case. It's been...
  2. U

    Buying  Vancouver Olympic Pin

    Looking to buy a Vancouver Canada Olympic pin if anyone's got a spare!
  3. GTDaveLo

    Lost Romeo 1 with prescription lenses

    I lost my Romeo 1's in Vancouver Airport (Canada not Washington) a while ago. I have the original box (with serial number on it) and my lenses were replaced with a prescription from my old optometrist in the Los Angeles area. I bought them brand new from Oakley Employee Purchase plan when I...
  4. Yoshida

    Seattle OAKLEY Vault visit day (from Vancouver)

    Callin' all Vancouverites!! Fellow O-addicts, I was yesterday at the O-Store MetroTown to get my MadMan and I was talking to the people there. They said there's a Vault in Calgary and another one in Seattle. Of course the Seattle one is much closer, so I'm just shooting this here to see if we...